Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Run of 2008

I decided to go to Shelley Lake this morning to do my final run of 2008. It was a beautiful morning, chilly enough to wear long leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt, but not cold enough for gloves or a hat. I just ran around, with walk breaks, and ended up doing 4.71 miles in 1 hour 18 minutes. It was a pretty slow average pace, but I felt like taking it easy today. I just enjoyed being outside and getting a little sweaty.

I ended up with 108.2 miles for the month, my second highest of the year. The highest mileage month of the year for me was back in January, and the third highest month was October. My total 2008 running mileage was 811.7 miles, a good bit short of my 1000-mile goal. I'll shoot for 1000 again in 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running Highlights of 2008

1) My mileage goal for the year was 1000 miles. I won't break that goal, but will finish with a little over 800 miles for the year. I'll shoot for 1000 miles again in 2009.

2) My highest monthly running mileage total was back in January, when I ran 114.3 miles. Looking back, this was a surprise to me, but not really, considering I had a groin strain in early February, probably from overtraining. In early March, I broke my nose (and fell on my right knee as well during that tumble), which put me out of commision for a couple of weeks. Building the mileage back up after those injuries was long and a bit tedious.

3) I signed up for the Raleigh Galloway Marathon Training Program in May, and decided mid-way to train for a half marathon instead. I finished the City of Oaks Half Marathon, my first one, on November 2 in Raleigh. I met a lot of fellow runners through the Galloway program, which was a big plus! I haven't met so many people at one short time frame since I first joined the Junior League, and college before that. I learned a lot from those runners, and appreciated their support through training and the half marathon race.

4) I ran a 5K PR in February at the Run for the Roses 5K in Raleigh. I first detected the groin strain during this race, which slowed me down afterward.

5) I logged new road race distances in the 1-mile and 4-mile. That means automatic PRs, right?!

6) I discovered several new running trails in the area, mainly with the Galloway group, but some on my own. I enjoyed outdoor training runs this year with the Garmin Forerunner I got for Christmas from my sister last year.

Today's Workout

I slept in a bit today, then puttered around and read for a while, so I had a late morning workout today. I ran for 40 minutes (3.32 miles) on the treadmill, then rode 17:02 minutes (3.33 miles) on the recumbent bike. No big deal. Wasn't in the mood to workout today, but not I'm glad I did.

Monday, December 29, 2008

December Running Goal Complete!

This morning I did 2.03 miles in 25 minutes on the treadmill, then 4.07 miles on the recumbent bike. With this morning's run, I broke 100 miles for the month of December! Yahoo!

I weighed this morning for the first time in a few days, and I was disappointed, but not surprised, that I've put on a little weight, so I probably won't succeed in my December weight loss goal. I'm getting back on track TODAY anyway!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This morning, my legs were still a bit tired from yesterday's long run, so I started on the recumbent bike, going 6.02 miles in 32 minutes. From there, I got on the treadmill and ran a short 2.11 miles in 25 minutes, then walked 10 minutes (0.61 miles) to cool down.

I'm only a couple of miles from hitting 100 miles for the month of December, and I'm excited about that! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekend Long Run

This morning I made it back to the American Tobacco Trail for my long run. At first, my goal was to hit 6 miles, but I decided to stretch a little further. Eventually, I'd like for weekly 10 mile runs to be a piece of cake for me, and I'm eager to get back up to that level, especially with the races I've got on tap for the winter. So, I stretched the distance a bit and ended up run/walking 7.15 miles in two hours, slower than the past couple of runs, but still not bad considering it included some walk breaks.

It was overcast again this morning, but still warm enough to wear shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt. Nice!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to the Gym

I returned to the gym this morning after a couple of nice runs outside. I ran for 40:03 minutes (3.33 miles) on the treadmill, walked for 5:07 minutes (0.30 miles), and then rode the recumbent bike for 20:01 minutes (4.52 miles). While I was riding the bike, the person on the bike next to me had a Self Magazine open to a 2-page ad, with several people I didn't recognize on the left, and a big yellow page with "100%" on the right. My eyesight wasn't good enough to figure out that the ad was for, but I got some inspiration from seeing "100%" over on the next bike. It reminded me that I should give 100% each time I work out or run outside.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Back on the American Tobacco Trail

I went to the American Tobacco Trail to run this morning, totally on a whim! It turned out to be just what I needed, though! I ended up running 4.18 miles in an hour flat, even faster than yesterday's run (and a little longer, to boot!). This was one of those mornings when the run just clicked, a nice Christmas present to myself. :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Outdoor Run

This morning, still on vacation, I decided I wasn't in the mood for the gym and the treadmill, so I decided to run around the neighborhood near my gym. The weather was nice, partly cloudy and around 50 degrees. I parked in front of my gym, strapped on my Garmin, and took off. Final run/walk tally was 3.32 miles in 50 minutes. The 15:39 pace is faster than recent non-race outdoor runs, even some that were flatter, so I'm glad to be picking up the pace a bit outdoors, which is a little harder for me to do than on the treadmill.

After the run, I rode on the recumbent bike in the gym for 20 minutes (3.7 miles).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Morning Workout

I was relieved and pleased to get to the gym already this morning! I started with 42 minutes (3.45 miles) of running on the treadmill, followed by a 5:05 minute (0.3 mile) walk. I rode the recumbent bike for 15 minutes and 3.16 miles. Workout finished--yay!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Late Workouts

I'm getting behind on my workouts and in my blogging! I have worked out the past couple of days, but they've been later in the day than usual. Although I've been recording them in my various paper and online logs, blogging has gotten away from me.

Yesterday morning I was the worship associate at church (a lay position that rotates among a number of us, who help the minister(s) on an assigned Sunday for both services), so I didn't work out beforehand. After church, George and both our mothers went out to lunch, and afterward I took a big ole nap! So, I didn't get to the gym until about 8:00 last night. It was hard to go, but I knew I'd be sorry if I skipped. I ended up biking for 25 minutes (5.14 miles) and running on the treadmill for 25 minutes (2.16 miles). It didn't feel all that good, but I pushed through.

Today is a vacation day for me, so I slept in and puttered around all morning. After lunch, I ran by the library, droppped some drycleaning off, and finally got to the gym mid-afternoon. I ran 4.05 miles (47:05 minutes) on the treadmill, walked 1.05 miles (17:01 minutes), then rode the recumbent bike for 2.13 miles (10 minutes). Again, not a great workout, but I pushed through it again.

I think I miss working out early in the morning. It's my routine, and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I've checked the workout off my list. A change in routine is well and good, but there's nothing like an early morning workout to get my blood pumping!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shelley Lake Long Run

I slept in until 9 AM this morning, which is really unusual for me! I was quite surprised, really. After puttering around for a bit, then running by the library to pick up some books, I decided to run at nearby Shelley Lake, rather than going to the gym or to the American Tobacco Trail, one of my favorite long-run haunts of late. Earlier this week, I'd thought I'd try to run 6-7 miles today, but since I've got a lot to do this afternoon, I decided just to try to beat last week's long run. I ended up running 5.41 miles in 1 hour, 33 minutes, besting last week's long run by less than a 10th of a mile! Woohoo!

It was a nice day to be running out in the middle of the day. The sky was overcast, and temperatures were in the mid-50s, perfect for shorts and a shortsleeve tee-shirt. I really enjoyed it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

1) Rode bike 20 min. (3.61 miles)
2) Elliptical machine 11:06 min. (0.90 mile)
3) Bike again 1o min. (2.06 miles)
4) Treadmill finally available 25 min. (2.1 miles)

All-over-the-place workout. But I got it done!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catching Up

I did exercise yesterday, just forgot to post. I ran 42 minutes (3.48 miles) on the treadmill, and then rode 3.13 miles (16 minutes) on the recumbent bike.

Today I mixed things up a little by starting on the recumbent bike. I rode for 17 minutes (3.28 miles), then got on the elliptical machine for 10:11 minutes (0.85 miles). Then I ran for 40 minutes (3.3 miles) on the treadmill. My total running mileage for the running week so far is 13.13 miles. Good thing I'm not superstitious!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Short Workout

This morning I ran 3.27 miles in 40:04 minutes on the treadmill. That was it. I was tired this morning, so I slept in a bit. I wanted to work out more, but I think my legs-and the rest of my body too, are thanking me for the rest.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Running Week

Last night, George and I went to the Raleigh Galloway training group's end-of-year party, and had a fun time! We had dinner and there were some awards handed out. George said at one point that he may even sign up for next year, which would be great!

Because we didn't get home until about 9:30 last night, and we're preparing for a church group to come to our house tonight, we didn't get to bed until after midnight! Soooo, it was hard to get up and work out this morning, but I made it to the gym anyway. I ran 31 minutes (2.52 miles) on the treadmill, then walked 12:04 minutes (0.70 miles). I decided to run another 7 minutes (0.56 miles), then got off the treadmill and rode the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (2.23 miles). When I wrapped things up, I was surprised to see that I'd hit an hour of exercise. Didn't think I had it in me when I started!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lighter Workout

My legs are a bit sore today after yesterday's long workout, plus a visiting to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences (fascinating, but a couple of hours on my feet!). So, I took it a little easy in the gym this morning. I started with 31 minutes (2.56 miles) on the treadmill, then walked to cool down for 12 minutes (0.71 miles). After that, I rode the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (2.04 miles).

I noticed last night that registration for the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon on March 28 is open! Woohoo! I think I'll be signing up for that one soon!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Race Today

George and I were up late last night after a fun dinner out with George's family at Lucky 32's, so I decided to ditch plans to run in a 5K this morning and just do a long run. Funny how the motivation wasn't as strong for me since I hadn't pre-registered for a race. I thought about it, though, and decided I just wasn't in the mood to compete this morning, eventhough the competition is normally with myself in these races (myself and the person in front of me who I'm trying to pass!). Part of it was that I had a busy day yesterday, and just wanted to workout and relax this morning. Part of it is that I just ran a 5K last weekend, and eventhough I pushed my mileage a little higher so far this running week, I don't know that I'd see an improvement in my 5K time in just one week. With the holiday gift-buying season here, I decided not to pay for a race just for the sake of running a race today. One of the races I was considering was the last race of the Second Empire Grand Prix Race Series, but I'm not in contention for a prize (no surprise there), and I've already missed enough races in the series so I can't get an automatic bid to the Series-end luncheon. Soooo, I just did my own thing this morning!

I was determined to do a long run today, even if it was on the treadmill. I ended up going 5.33 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes, a pretty decent long-run pace for me! (The treadmill helped with that, no?!) Then I walked on the treadmill to cool down for 10 minutes (0.57 miles), and followed it with a recumbent bike ride for 5:01 minutes and 1.06 miles. Not a bad day's exercise!

I did have a workout yesterday, but just ran out of time to blog. Yesterday I ran 3.36 miles in 40 minutes on the treadmill, then rode 3.35 miles in 15 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

And More Crosstraining

This morning I ran 3.02 miles on the treadmill (36 minutes), followed it up with 15 minutes and 3 miles on the recumbent bike, then decided to return to the treadmill to walk for 10 minutes and 0.57 miles. I've gotten back into the habit of taking walk breaks at work, but I knew today would be rainy (forcast for rain was 100% today, and it has indeed been raining big fat drops almost all day). Another 61 minutes in the gym, though!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crosstraining Day

My legs are feeling a little tired this morning from the week's running, so I cut back on the treadmill a bit. I ran 2.46 miles in 30 minutes with a 0.5% incline. Next I rode on the recumbent bike for 15 minutes and 3.01 miles. The elliptical machine got some action today for a mere 6 minutes and 0.51 miles. I capped the workout off with another stint on the treadmill, this time walking for 10 minutes and 0.55 miles. Total workout time was 61 minutes.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

President's Challenge Goal

A couple of years ago, I started logging my exercise minutes on the President's Challenge website, just for kicks. I read the different "tracks," and decided to try for the "President's Champions" levels. It's on the honor system, and you just log the activities you've done, and it awards you points. When different levels are accomplished, you can order stuff-medal, certificate, stuff like that. Well, I zoomed through the bronze and silver categories pretty quickly. The gold level took a bit longer, but as I got near the end, I was a little dissapointed that this particular challenge would be coming to a close, eventhough it was virtual, and I was on my own with it. Well, when I logged the workouts that would end my "quest for gold" in March of last year, a new "Platinum" level popped up on my screen! I was glad to see that this challenge would continue, but I could tell it would take me a while to finish!

Well, I've continued to workout nearly every day since then, and would you believe I'm STILL on that Platinum level! It's been a year and nine months, and I'm still on the same level! I just did some math on the points I have left, and based on my daily points average, it'll take me another 337 days and change to finish this program off. Whew! Of course, no one's making me do this, and I'm logging my workouts for time and mileage elsewhere too, but it has been interesting to see how this has unfolded. Maybe I'll try to add some additional exercise in so I can get done a little sooner. In these busy times, I'll be glad to streamline my post-exercise routine and have one less place to record my my gym and/or running time.

Putting in the Miles

I've been inspired of late to work harder on building my base mileage, so I got on the treadmill first again today, rather than biking first. I just start out more slowly on the treadmill to warm up. So, I went 4.01 miles on the treadmill in 47 minutes, for an 11:43 average pace. This is fast for me, so I'm pretty excited. Now my legs are a little sore, but it's a "good" sore. No surprise there. Then I hopped on the recumbent bike for 20 minutes and 4.66 miles. There are two recumbent bikes at the gym I go to in the mornings, and I'm suspicious that they may be calibrating distances diffferently. Hmmm, anyway, it's what I have to work with. Since biking's not my primary exercise, I'm not going to fret over it.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Back on the Treadmill

I have to admit, I was glad to get back on the treadmill this morning! I'm not much of a cold weather fan, and I really don't mind the treadmill.

I started out on the treadmill, running 3.1 miles in 37 minutes. Then I got on the recumbent bike for 17 minutes and 3.36 miles. I decided to get BACK on the treadmill for amother 5 minutes and 0.41 miles. Hey, I still had some energy in my legs, and I know I need to build my running mileage base. I feel pretty good on this end of it, a bit tired but not in need of a nap.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Outside Run

This morning I headed over to the American Tobacco Trail, which is part of the East Coast Greenway, for a long run outdoors. It was COLD, and I am not a cold weather person, but I did it anyway, going 4.22 miles in 1:10:00. It was nice to be outside, but I was also really glad to be done with it. I felt like I could've pushed a little harder, but the path was a little icey in spots. (I saw one guy slip and take a tumble! I stopped and made sure he was okay.)

Afterward, I stopped by the gym and rode 10 minutes (2 miles) on the recumbent bike. Nice way to wind down.

I ended up with 23.53 running miles for the week of Dec. 1, so I'm still on track for my goal of running 100 miles in December.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Race Report: 2008 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis

I had a really nice race this morning in Raleigh! This was my second running of the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis in Raleigh, a festive race for a good cause. The race starts and finishes at St. Mary's in Raleigh, where I went to high school, an added bonus. (I know how to get there, and it's always nice to see the campus again.)

Like last year, there were a lot of people dressed up in red and green, some in more elaborate costumes. I got there early to get my packet, and enjoyed warming up around campus. It was a chilly morning, but sunny. I was glad to have a long sleeve t-shirt and leggings on before the race, but warmed up quickly once the race started.

I only took a couple of short walk breaks during this race, which was encouraging. (I hope to return to running the whole 5K in time!) My running segments were fairly steady. With about a quarter of a mile to go, I felt a nice spurt of energy, which was soon aided by a nice downhill stretch to the finish line. (I can't believe I'd forgotten this nice finish from last year!) I ended up finishing in about 38:05, according to the clock, so I'm hoping my chip time will be even lower. Either way, I finished up about a minute faster than my last 5K, the Apex Turkey Trot two weekends ago! I finished last year's Jingle Bell Run in 38:02, so it would be sweet to beat that time too.

Before the race, I was starting to feel a little down about 5Ks, thinking I needed to start concentrating more on training for longer distances. But I really enjoyed this race day! I only saw one familiar runner person before the race, but I met a new runner at the starting line, a lady who has been kind of reinventing herself since the birth of her 3rd child. She picked up running a few months ago, and was competing in her 3rd or 4th race today. She's so psyched about running and getting fit, is running a race in Phoenix over Christmas, and can't wait to get her family to join her. (They don't know it yet, though!)

After the race, I saw a lady in a St. Mary's sweatshirt, and struck up a conversation with her. I thought she was an alum, but turns out she works part-time in the library, so we had fun talking about the school. She loves working there, and we enjoyed swapping library stories. On my way to my car a few minutes later, I ran into the lady who taught me piano there at St. Mary's! She's still giving lessons there, and looks almost the same!

All of this reminded me that participating in road races isn't just about the running. I love race days, and now part of that is the people I get to meet.

UPDATE: My official time was 38:02, which was the exact time I ran this race in last year!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Road Races: Local vs. Trips

Last Sunday, I asked George his thoughts about going with me to Virginia Beach next Labor Day weekend for the Virginia Beack Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. I asked so early because I'd gotten an email saying they were allowing $30 off the registration fee through Nov. 30. He said it was up to me whether or not to go ahead and sign up, but that he didn't know if he wanted to spend Labor Day weekend in Virginia Beach.

That's had me thinking about road races and travel, and how it impacts my budget, our vacation time, and my training time. Truth of the matter is that I'm still a back-of-the-packer, in all the distances I've raced so far. So, is it a good investment for me to travel somewhere overnight just to run in a race where I'll be in the last 5-10% of finishers? It depends on how interesting the location is, whether or not George's being there is important to me (local races not so much, but I'd want his companionship on a weekend getaway), how much money and time it would take to travel and stay somewhere comfortably, and how I'd expect to do.

In the big scheme of things, where would I love to travel to to compete in a race? The New York City and Boston Marathons come to mind, as do Disney World's full and half marathons. Otherwise, perhaps I need to focus my attention on being a better runner first. At 45, I'll never win any races, but would love to be an age group placer in time. There are a respectable number of races within driving distance of where I live, though I wish there were more 10Ks half marathons around.

I'm thinking about starting a budget line item (or maybe a money jar) for race travels, and see how the money adds up. Meanwhile, after December's festive 5Ks, I plan to start my Saturday long runs again in preparation for the Coach Bubba 20K in February. The Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon is scheduled for March, but online registration isn't available yet. We'll see how the winter/spring schedule shapes up, and decide on the Virginia Beach trip a little later. Maybe I'll save up for Disney instead!

Groggy Morning

Last night was the most solid sleep I've gotten this week, but I woke up feeling very groggy this morning! What's up with that?! I've had a hard time shaking the grogginess, even with exercise. Hoping to get more rest tonight before tomorrow morning's Jingle Bell Run in Raleigh.

I started on the treadmill this morning, so I'd be sure to give running most of my energy. I went 3.3 miles in 40:16 minutes, then hopped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (1.83 miles). I decided to finish up with 5 minutes (0.4 miles) on the treadmill. A decent workout, all in all, but not the greatest.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Birthday Workout

I made it to the gym this morning after sleeping in a little (a birthday present to myself!). I did 35 minutes (6.24 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 15:01 minutes (1.24 miles) on the treadmill. I wish I'd spent more time on the treadmill, but ah well. Tomorrow!

I did work out yesterday, but never got around to posting. I clocked 30 minutes (5.39 miles) on the recumbent bike, and 30:01 minutes (2.56 miles) with a 1% incline on the treadmill. It was a pretty hard workout, so I feel like my bod needed a little recovery time today.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Still Feeling Blah

I've give last night's sleep a C- or D+ thanks to the remnants of this blasted cold (and the one I gave to George), but I still made it to the gym this morning before work. I decided to start on the treadmill while the getting was good, since the gym's treadmills tend to fill up quickly in the morning. I covered 3.33 miles in 40:01 minutes, then hopped on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (1.84 miles). I pulled back a little on the intensity from yesterday's workout, but could probably use a day of rest. Ah, well.

Monday, December 01, 2008

New Week, New Month

It's not often that a new month and a new workout week start on the same day! My workout calendars, both paper and online, have workout weeks that go from Monday to Sunday. It's kinda refreshing to see the #1 on a Monday.

I started out on the treadmill this morning to see how far I felt like going. I ended up doing 3.7 miles in 45:02, then rode the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (2.12 miles).

Betwen still not feeling well AND that workout, now I really do want a nap! I think I should've had a lighter workout while I'm still sick.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting Back on Track

This morning I didn't have as much competition for the treadmills at the gym! I started with 30 minutes (6.05 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 36 minutes (3.02 miles, with an 11:55 m/m avg pace) on the treadmill. I felt great to belt out a longer run this morning. I wasn't sure, when I started, how much I'd feel like doing.

So, I've ended up with just over 80 running miles for November, and am down 1.2 pounds for the month. Considering a chunk of that time was recovery from the half marathon, and that Thanksgiving included a flu bug and not so much exercise, it was a decent month, all in all, on the diet and fitness front. I'm going to keep on plugging!

My ideal December? 100 miles of running and losing 5 lbs. We'll see!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back to the Gym

After a little waffling, I went to the gym this morning, and ended up feeling much better!

I started on the recumbent bike to warm up, but by the time I was ready to try running some on the treadmill, all five treadmills were full. I went 40 minutes (7.29 miles) on the bike without someone getting off the treadmills. I got on the elliptical machine for 10 minutes (.84 miles), which was a change of pace. A treadmill finally freed up, so I hopped on for 5 minutes (.40 miles), so I could record that I'd run some today! The whole workout felt surprisingly good, and I'm thankful for that, since I haven't worked out since a short stint Wednesday morning. I was afraid of beginning to lose some fitness.

My mileage for the week and the month will be a little puny, I'm afraid, but these things happen.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

No Race Today

Nope, no Turkey Trot for me today. My temperature got up to 102.2 last night. Ick. So, I'm laying low so far this morning, as I've got plans to join George's and my family for Thanksgiving dinner this evening. My fever is down and my sore throat is feeling better.

Boy, I'm missing running this morning! And I was so looking forward to running the 8K road race, a new race distance for me. Oh well. As George pointed out this morning, there are more races coming up, including the Jingle Bell Run in early December that I've signed up for.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh Bother

I woke up feeling a bit lousy this morning, but I went on to the gym, hoping I could shake it. After 30 minutes (5.37 miles) on the recumbent bike and a whopping 5 minutes (0.37 miles) on the treadmill, I called it a day and went home to get ready for work. Blah. I was on tap on work only half a day anyway. By then, I had a sore throat, slightly stuffy nose, and ached all over. Now, at 5 PM, I have a 101.2 degree temp! Yikes! I have an 8K Turkey Trot scheduled in the morning. :-/

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Crosstraining

This morning I started with the recumbent bike, as I often do, riding 4.07 miles in 20 minutes. I was going to stop at 15 minutes, but all the treadmills were full! (The gym has been pretty full the past 2 mornings. Today I got there 15 minutes earlier than yesterday, hoping it would make a difference. Guess people are burning pre-Turkey Day calories!) I ran on the treadmill next for 31 minutes and 2.53 miles, and finished with 16 minutes and 1.31 miles on the elliptical machine. I was tempted to run more miles on the treadmill, but a little voice inside my head has been telling me to stick with crosstraining these days.

Meanwhile, I've signed up for the Coach Bubba 20k race in February, and I'm excited about that! I'd signed up for the accompanying 4-miler last year, but got injured a couple weeks before due to high mileage, and couldn't run it it. That's probably why crosstraining is on my brain!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking Back

Yesterday afternoon, while George played a new board game with his cousin and brother, I stayed home to relax, and ended up on the laptop, inputting my exercise minutes from earlier months into, to make sure my point total was up-to-date. SparkPeople isn't even my favorite exercise/weight tracker, but you'd think it was yesterday afternoon! It has its pluses and minuses, for sure. But yesterday, it was all about my points total being correct. Of course, the points are worth nothing except a virtual trophy badge (which gets flashier, the more points you earn for various things, one of which is exercise) on one's start page. I just had to do it!

What started out as a silly motivation turned out to be an interesting look back at my exercise and weight. I was reminded in black and white that when I've exercised the most over the past year, the weight has come off more easily. I could even tell that when I did more running, the weight was easier to keep under control. Of course, I ran so much I got injured, and that did a number on things, but forced me to crosstrain.

So, I made it to the gym this morning, and made sure I had enough time to get a full 60 minutes in. I did 20 minutes (3.75 miles) on the recumbent bike first, then 40 minutes (3.27 miles) on the treadmill. Good workout this morning!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back on the Treadmill

I was so spoiled by yesterday's beautiful 5K race course! I suppose I should run outside more! :) I was back inside the gym this morning, starting with 15 minutes (3.1 miles) on the recumbent bike. I followed with 3.8 miles (46 minutes) on the treadmill. This turned out to be my longest run of the week, thanks to the race yesterday, as well as my fastest average pace of the week (12:06 min/mi)! I know it's not supposed to work that way, so it's interesting that it did. My legs were a little shaky for a while afterward; now my legs just feel a bit tired. Maybe I'll use that as an excuse to take a hot bubblebath tonight!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Race Report: 2008 Apex Turkey Trot

I had a fun time at the Apex Turkey Trot this morning!

The skies were clear and blue, but the temperatures were in the 20s! Brrr! This was the coldest weather I ever remember running in, so I bundled up with two shirts, long leggings, gloves, and a cap while I warmed up.

This is one of my favorite race courses in the area. It goes around Lake Pine on the Cary/Apex border, and it's just so pretty! The course is fairly flat too, with just a couple of hills worth mentioning.

Before the race, I met a lady who was running her first 5K ever, and a man I've seen at nearly every local 5K I've run in! It was nice to get both their names, and look forward to seeing them at future races. I also saw a bunch of girls who were from a local elementary school, who were with their adult running buddies. It seemed to be a Girls on the Run sort of program, and all the participants had pink t-shirts on with their elementary school on the front, and "Run like a girl!" on the back. It was so nice to hear the buddies encouraging their girl running partners along the way! Sometimes I even pretended the encouragement was for me too! :>

I'm waiting to see the official results, but think I crossed the finish line in about 39:05, which was a course record for me, and the fastest 5K since my injuries back in February and March. Next stop, 5K wise, will be a sub-39-min. 5K!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Treadmill First!

Today I got on the treadmill FIRST, after yesterday morning's struggle to get a turn on the treadmill. I ran 40 minutes (3.27 miles) at a 1% incline. Then I got on the recumbent bicycle for 15 minutes (3.15 miles).

Tomorrow I'll be running in the Apex Turkey Trot 5K. Gobble gobble!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crosstraining at the Gym

I'd planned to start on the treadmill at the gym this morning, but three of them were in use and two of them were broken! Arrgghh! So, I spent 21 minutes (4.12 miles) on the recumbent bike. My timing for getting on a treadmill was off, so I got on the elliptical machine for 12 minutes (1.03 miles), before finally getting on the treadmill for 25 minutes (2.05 miles)!

I also took two walk breaks at work today, so I feel like I really crosstrained today!

On, I signed up for a weight loss challenge to lose 10 lbs. between now and Christmas Day! Yikes! This challenge feature is new on, one of the best online workout trackers around in my opinion, so I can't wait to see how it works. It's got me motivated to see my little weight scale move (and not be last in the group!). I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More of the Same

The blahs have continued a bit, but I still made it to the gym this morning. I did 20 minutes (3.55 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 32 minutes (2.55 miles) on the treadmill. Keepin' on keepin' on, as I have a 5K road race this weekend. I think I'll be glad I pushed through, but maybe I need to shake things up a little. One thing I'm thinking about is doing a water aerobics class at the gym I belong to that's closer to work.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Morning Blahs

I've noticed a pattern on the mornings after I have a Monday night meeting, which is twice a month. As hard as I try to wind down after the meeting and get to bed, I rarely feel refreshed enough to push myself at the gym the next morning. I seriously considered taking today off from the gym, making it a "rest" day, but I decided to go ahead, knowing I'd be glad I did. I'm still tired, but I am glad I went.

I did the bike-run combo again this morning: 20 minutes (3.56 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 30 minutes (2.41 miles) on the treadmill with a 1-1.5% incline.

I continue to enjoy the book about the New York City Marathon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Running Week

Although I got to bed late last night, I felt pretty good at the gym this morning. I didn't try intervals for the first time as I'd planned, but I still had a decent workout.

I started with 15:01 minutes (3.68 miles) on the recumbent bike, then finished with 40 minutes (3.22 miles) on the treadmill with a 1% incline.
On the reading front, I recently started the book A Race Like No Other: 26.2 Miles on the Streets of New York, by Liz Robbins. This book is about the 2007 New York City Marathon, and it's been an interesting and motivating read. Now I'm thinking a lot more seriously about training for a marathon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tired Workout

I was still a bit tired from yesterday's 6.2-mile run when I got up this morning, a bit surprising, since I had a good nap yesteday and slept well last night. I've been pondering about this since I had several 10+ mile training runs before the half marathon, and I feel like I should be up to snuff on a 10k! Some possibilities I've come up with so far:

1) Residual tiredness from the half marathon race
2) I need to continue to work on my endurance
3) I need to work on recovery, with food, stretching, both, or something else
4) Maybe it's an overall nutritional thing

I did run about 7 miles more than I did last week, though last week was my first week off the half marathon, so it was all about recovery and taking it easy. My total mileage this past week was 21.34 miles, not huge, and actually a little less than my average week for October. Ah, well.

This morning, I started with the recumbent bike, riding for 30 minutes and 5.35 miles. Then I ran for 21 minutes and 1.71 miles on the treadmill, with a 1% incline. That's a 12:16 m/m average pace, my best for the week.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Run on the American Tobacco Trail

I had a hard time getting out of the apartment this morning for my workout. I finally figured out I needed a break from the gym, even a small break would do. I peaked outside and noticed it wasn't raining, so I grabbed my Garmin Forerunner, hoping I could run in the neighborhood for a little while before the rain started. I got to my car, and the forecasted rain didn't look as threatening as I thought it would. I asked myself what would make my workout, and the quick answer was, "American Tobacco Trail!" I ran there for the first time three weeks ago and really enjoyed it, so I headed back there this morning. Eventhough I had week-old running shoes on, I decided not to worry about the weather, whatever may come.

The weather, by the way, remained very cloudy and pretty windy at times, which felt great! I wasn't sure how far I wanted to run this morning, but I knew it wasn't the 10 miles I'd kinda hoped for early in the week. I'm still just a tad tired from the half marathon, and my legs are still a little heavy-feeling--not as bad as this time last week, but just a little. Once I started running, I thought I'd go 5 miles, but at the 2.5 mile mark, I decided to go for 6 miles. I turned around at the 3.05 mile mark, and decided to stretch it the end for a 6.2 mile long run in 1:43:21. The pace is slower than I'd hoped, but since I was tired, I took some walk breaks. I must admit, it was very pretty on the ATT this morning, even with the heavy cloud cover and wind. There were a lot of leaves in the air and on the trail, a very fall-like day. I enjoyed the scenery! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Feeling Better

Got to bed early again last night, and it's amazing how much better I feel this morning. Big surprise that it showed in my workout this morning!

I started with 20 minutes on the recumbent bike, for 3.63 miles. Then I ran 3.06 miles in 38 minutes on the treadmill, with a 1% incline. I did have some minor pain under the toe bridge of my right foot, but it was easy enough to run through.

George and I didn't revisit the whole walk/run/workout thing last night, and it was a relief to let it go for another night. I've had a chance to think through things some more, and I'm sure we'll come up with a plan that will be good for both of us.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning I felt a bit like a slug, eventhough I got plenty of sleep last night. George and I had a tough conversation last night, and got going on a different conversation this morning, so I was late getting to the gym. I've been mulling over that conversation ever since....

George asked me this morning if I'd go on a brisk walk with him one weekend morning soon to see if he could finish a 5K walk in less than 50 minutes or so, so that he wouldn't come in last in a 5K run/walk. He wanted me to do this walk with him on his schedule and at a location picked by him, in place of my workout for that day. (He said he didn't want me to be sore when I went with him.) When I hesitated, that didn't go over well with him, as it came across as unsupportive. :(

I've been thinking about it today, his proposal and my reaction. It has gradually dawned on me (and not for the first time) that my workout time is MY time, time to think, to hash through things, to listen to music or podcasts, al without interruption. For that stretch of time each day, I'm taking care of myself, and I'm in control of that time. No one else directs my workouts. It's all about me. The rest of the day, I'm responsible and interactive. But, for that 30-75 minute window every morning, my introverted self gets to recharge.

I need to figure out a way to convey that to George in a non-threatening way, and to work out a time and place to support his efforts and walk with him.

Meanwhile, back to my slug-like workout this morning: I rode the recumbent bike for 15 minutes (2.53 miles), did the elliptical machine for another 15 minutes (1.19 miles), then ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes (1.18 miles). All less than yesterday, eventhough I had more rest. Some days are like this, no?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Did Work Out Today!

I just realized I had such a busy morning before work that I forgot to record my workout. Since my total exercise was 70 minutes instead of the usual 30-60, that accounts for my big rush to get ready for work. (I must get up earlier, I think!)

Anyway, I started with 15 minutes (2.61 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 15 minutes (1.25 miles) on the elliptical machine. I was planning to do 20 minutes or so on the treadmill, but ended up doing 40 minutes (3.25 miles) of running. It all felt good once I got going, but I've just gotta be more consistent about going to bed earlier. It was another late night last night.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Business as Usual

I went to bed early last night, so I was feeling a good deal better at the gym this morning! I rode the recumbent bike for 20:02 minutes (3.57 miles), then ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes (3.14 miles), mostly at a 1% incline. It feels good to be working out better.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Late yesterday, I starting feeling the post-half marathon exhaustion starting to lift, thank goodness! I was wondering how long it would last, or if something else was going on in my body or mind. I think the new pair of running shoes has helped, both physically and psychologically. The new cushioning helps my feet, legs, and hips, and the new shoes mark the new I'm-a-half-marathoner era.

This morning I started with 2.77 miles (15 minutes) on the recumbent bike, and followed it with 2.8 miles (35:07 minutes) on the treadmill at a 0.5-1% incline. Felt good to run a bit farther in training.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Shoes

Yesterday afternoon, I got a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines at Raleigh Running Outfitters. While the sales person had me try on a couple other brands, I ended up going with my third pair of Brooks Adrenalines. I used them this morning for the first time, and it felt good to be in a pair of new shoes.

I started with 30 minutes (5.26 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 1.76 miles (23 minutes) on the treadmill. When I first started running, my right thigh hurt a little, but the pain stopped within a few seconds.

While I was on the recumbent bike, the person riding next to me was munching on a pack on Lance Toastchee crackers, the orange ones with peanut butter in the middle. That ranks as the most unusual thing I've seen someone eat/drink at a gym. Before that, the most unusual thing I saw someone eating or drinking at the gym was a Diet Coke.
Last night, I flipped through a running book on my shelves, and found a paragraph about race recovery, which talked about training and racing recovery times. The writer recommended taking a day for every mile to return to training mileage and intensity, and to double that number before racing again. So, given my race last Sunday was 13.1 miles, the fact that I'm still not back to normal training after a week sounds okay, if not normal, especially considering it was my first half marathon. Now, according to the formula for racing again, I should wait 26 days before competing in another race. Okay, so I only waited 6 days before racing again. No wonder I was slower than normal, and didn't have much kick at the end. I'm still glad I ran, but now I feel better that I'm not back to normal yet. I know that "normal" is different for different people, too.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Race Report: Free to Breathe 5K

I ran the 2nd Annual Free to Breathe 5K in Raleigh this morning. My running life is short enough that there are few races where I can say I've run in all of them, but I can say that about the Free to Breathe 5K. :)

It was a 9:30 AM race start, and I normally do my running (and exercise in general) earlier in the morning. I wasn't grumbling this morning, though, because it was raining early, and I wondered if this would be my first race in the rain.

I got there about 8:15, and the place I parked was actually a pretty good walk from Race Central. After picking up my packet (which was a little disorienting, because I had to go back and ask for safety pins for my race bib, then I had to go back and ask where to get my timing chip--usually they give/tell you all that), I walked all the way back and moved my car a little closer, just before the heaviest rain of the morning started. (I was glad I was still in my car.) Thankfully, the rain lessened and stopped at last, and it became a pretty North Carolina fall morning.

The race course itself was near the start of last weekend's City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon. I've been battling fatigue all week from running the half marathon myself, so I was wondering how I'd do this morning. I decided to use it as a training run and not worry too much about the time. I found out just before it started that the course was kinda hilly, which I knew would probably slow me down a bit. I'm thinking a 45-50 minute finish wouldn't be the end of the world.

I decided to start out using the Galloway method, run-walk-run, to see how it would help. I started with a 3-minute run, followed by a 1-minute walk, but some early hills sent me into 1-1. Mile two seemed to be a lot of decline and flat territory, so I ended up running straight for over a mile, then ran/walked some wierd combinations of the last .8 tenths of a mile.

I ended up finishing somewhere around 41:05, still waiting on official and chip times. It's slower than my last few 5Ks, but I knew going into it that I was tired. It's the first time since last Sunday that I've run that long. Here's to a faster trot on the next 5K in a couple of weeks!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Dragging This Morning

Although I got to bed early last night, I had to drag myself out of bed this morning! I made it to the gym for a shorter workout:

25 minutes (4.25 miles) on the recumbent bike
20:01 minutes (1.51 miles) on the treadmill, 1% incline, slower than unusal

I'm hoping to get to bed early again tonight. Blah.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here's to Running!

I was just looking at my Flickr pictures, and noticed the difference in these two shots. Interesting contrast in a lot of ways.

The top picture was taken April 8, 2006, before the first 5K I did in this running life. I came in last place in the recreational division of the Cary Road Race 5K, in a little under an hour. They pulled the time clock down right behind me. (As it happens, this was about four months before I checked into the Rice Diet Program.)

The bottom picture was taken this past Sunday, November 2, on the course of the City of Oaks Half Marathon.

Slightly Better

I get to bed earlier last night. While I'm not as sleepy, I'm still tired--but not quite as tired. I'm still recovering, but making progress.

At the gym, I rode the recumbent bike for 25 minutes and 4.4 miles, then ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and 2.33 miles. Slower, but that's okay.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sleepy Morning

I had another busy day and evening yesterday, so I was still dragging this morning for my workout. I did 15 minutes on the recumbent bike (2.44 miles), then got on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes (1.65 miles). I got off to head for the treadmill, just as the last open treadmill got a customer! So, it was back on the elliptical for another 5 minutes (0.41 miles). I finally got on the treadmill, this time for 20 minutes and 2.01 miles. Tonight, I get to bed early.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Keep On Keepin' On

I made it back to the gym this morning, though I was pretty tired after yesterday's long day. I warmed up with 25:01 minutes (4.32 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 15 minutes (1.25 miles) on the elliptical machine.

While I was getting on the elliptical machine, the lady on the machine next time me tapped me on the arm and asked how much weight I'd lost. I told her, and she said she could tell it in my face, just since she'd been coming to the gym, and that I'd inspired her to get off her duff. Okay, I'm still tired from Sunday's race, but I couldn't help but pick up the pace a bit on the elliptical machine! That was really nice!

After that, I got on the treadmill, which I hadn't really planned to, and ran 1.76 miles in 22 minutes. Now I'm ready for a nap! But, it's off to work I go!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Post-race Workout

I woke up for this morning's workout feeling pretty rested, but still somewhat tired and sore from yesterday's half marathon. My hips aren't bothering me as much as they did after last weekends's 13.1 mile training run, but the plantar fasciitis in my left foot is bothering me more.

I decided to take it pretty easy for today's workout. I started with the recumbent bike, riding 2.61 miles in 15:01 minutes. Then I got on the treadmill, going 1.64 miles in 21 minutes. Afterward, I felt so-so, glad to have a workout under my belt, but still kinda tired.

I have a meeting after work tonight, but I hope to go to bed at a little early.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Race Report: 2008 City of Oaks Half Marathon

This morning I ran the City of Oaks Half Marathon in Raleigh. I was a bit nervous about finishing within the race time limit of three and a half hours, but I decided to go for it. It was a beautiful morning to be out running, and I was looking forward to seeing some people from the Galloway training group there. George went with me too, and gave me a great pep talk before the race started.

Some of the Galloway group runners met up at a predetermined spot before the race, and it was fun to see them. I came across even more of them on the race course, which was encouraging! A number of Gallowayers also volunteered at a couple of different water tables, and others were scattered along the course to cheer people on. That was a great pick-me-up, especially in the later miles!

I really enjoyed the course, eventhough it had some hills! It started on the NC State campus, and went through parts of downtown, around the capitol area of Raleigh, down Hillsborough St. on different legs, past St. Mary's School (my high school alma mater) and Meredith College, and down around the NC State Vet School, before heading back to the Centennial Campus of NC State. Not too far from the finish line, I spotted our local CBS affiliate station, WRAL, which was kinda neat to see, too.

I used the run-walk-run method I learned from training with the Galloway group through the summer. I started out running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute, then repeating, but decided to scale it back to running 1 and walking 1 minute, and that worked out well for most of the race. Sometimes I ran extra or a little less, depending on water and porta-john stops. Once my feet started hurting and my legs got tired, I knew that I could last for a minute's worth of running, at least!

The porta-johns were a life-saver, by the way. I ended up stopping at every available one! While I was thankful for them, I don't want to have to use another one for a long time to come! I hope that my innards settle down for the next half marathon I do. I'll definitely try to alter how I eat/drink in the couple of days prior to the next half marathon.

The plantar fasciitis in my left foot really started bothering me the last couple of miles, so I did a lot more walking. When I got within the last mile or so, I started running more. Seeing the finish line ahead of me was such a relief, like a magnet pulling me toward the time clock!

George had our digital camera, and spotted me in the white shirt and shorts in the background. Audrey, an acquainance from ERUUF (who I didn't even know was in the race) is in the black shirt in the forefront!

I was sooo tired!

Still heading toward the finish line, I was on autopliot by this point!

George happened to catch my gun time of 3 hours, 22 minutes, 52 seconds on the big clock. Official results are already posted, and my chip time was 3:19:24. I was back in the pack at the beginning of the race, so it took me three minutes and change to cross the starting line.

After the race, I saw Susan, the Junior League friend that I ran with in last December's Jingle Bell Run. She's the one who let me know about the Galloway training program in Raleigh that I joined (so did she), so it was fun to see her during and after today's race. I also saw Audrey from ERUUF, as well as Suzanne from Team in Training, whom I met on last weekend's long run on the American Tobacco Trail (she was manning a TNT water stop), after the race, and it was fun to have hugs and congratulations all around after the race!

After the excitement of finishing, getting my finisher's medal, and getting some water, I remembered how exhausted I was! It was a challenge walking to the car, and I was thankful George was there to drive us home!

I've been working toward this goal for so long. Now I'm feeling a little bit of "What's next?!" I definitely want to do another half marathon. Maybe there's a full marathon in my future. But first things first--more rest, and more water!

I Finished My First Half Marathon!

I had a fun and interesting time this morning, running the City of Oaks Half Marathon! I'm thrilled to report that I finished within the time limit of three and a half hours, with an unofficial time of 3:22:55. George manned our digital camera at the finish line and got some fun pictures! I'll post them and do a full race report soon. The bed is calling my name, and I can't resist a nap right now. More later.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pre-Race Day

It felt good to sleep in my own bed last night, and to go to my regular gym this morning! Vacation was great--don't get me wrong!! But, it's nice to return to my regular routine a bit.

I ended up going a little longer than I meant to on the treadmill, 25 minutes for 2.02 miles at a 1% incline. It felt good to run, but I finally made myself stop! To round things out, I rode on the recumbent bike for 6 minutes and 1.02 miles.

After the workout, I went to the ladies restroom, and low and behold, there was a WIG hanging from one of the hooks! It caught me by surprise, to say the least! :D

From there, I went to Cary to get my Weight Watchers weigh-in for the week in. I usually go to meetings near work during the week, but since I missed this past Wednesday, and that location is on the other side of Durham from where I live, the Cary location turned out to be closer. According to the scales, I'm down 3.2 lbs from my last weigh-in about a week and a half ago! Mind you, this time I was in workout clothes and hadn't eaten anything today, and when I weigh in after work, I'm in work clothes and jewelry, and have had a couple of meals by the time I weigh in. So, probably not much of a difference, really, but okay since I've been on vacation.

Tomorrow's the race I've been working toward for months, the City of Oaks Half Marathon. I'm excited, and pretty nervous! I'm going to the expo in a while, which should be fun. I've never been in a race big enough to have an expo. Wow.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Vacation Workout

I'm still on vacation, but made it to the hotel gym for another workout. I'm off my diet a bit, so I'm glad to still be burning some extra calories off!

This morning, I ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill at a 1% incline (3.15 miles), then rode the recumbent bike for 20 minutes and 4.33 miles (seems like higher mileage than I usually do).

Three days from now, I'll running (and hopefully finishing by now!) my first half marathon!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Running Today, Looking for Shoe Advice

The plantar fasciitis in my left foot is acting up this morning, so I decided to stay off the treadmill and roads and just ride the recumbent bike in the hotel's workout room. I ended up going 40 minutes, and the "dashboard" on the bike said I went 8.66 miles. That seems like more than the effort I put into it! Perhaps it's calibrated differently from the recumbent bike I use at the gym near home.

I realized when I was packing up for our trip that my newer running shoes are more worn that my previous shoes on the outside of each heel. I'm trying to decide whether to run in one or the other pair for the half marathon, or to buy a new pair Saturday morning to run in on Sunday. The past couple of days, I've worked out in the older, less worn shoes, then walked around (touristy things) in my newer, but more worn shoes. I'm not sure if this is playing into my pf acting up or not. Possibility. Any advice?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vacation Run

This morning I slept in (yay!), and then checked out the gym at the hotel where we're staying. The first treadmill was too squeaky, but the second was fine, so I ran 3.23 miles in 40 minutes, with a 1% incline.

Now I've run 100.9 miles for the month of October! Woohoo! I will be slowing down the running a bit this week, though, as I taper for Sunday's half marathon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Workout Push

My vacation starts today, and we're heading for the mountains later this afternoon--yay! I decided to get a decent workout in this morning, eventhough I still feel some residual tiredness from Saturday's 13.1 mile run. (Is the tiredness normal two days afterward?) I ran 3.19 miles on the treadmill in 40 minutes, no incline today, and followed that with 20 minutes/3.58 miles on the recumbent bike.

It turns out I'm only about two and a half miles away from logging 100 miles for the month, so I'll probably try to hit that this week, but I don't think I'm going to push for a lot more. I hope to do some hiking while on vacation, and maybe some swimming. I sure do feel like I need some rest, but I don't want to lose an fitness or pack on the calories!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tired From Yesterday

Boy, I'm still dragging from yesterday's half marathon distance! I slept in this morning, and when I finally got to the gym, I only did 40 minutes (7.08 miles) on the recumbent bike. The treadmill didn't even tempt me this morning. Did I mention I'm tired?!

So, my first half marathon race is a week from today! Since I'm feeling so wiped out today, I'm wondering how I'll feel next Monday, the day after the race, when I actually have to go to work! Other than getting plenty of rest afterward, what can I do to recover well enough to me effective at work the next day? I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Time to Beat

I was determined to run/walk a half marathon this morning, since this was going to be my last long run/walk before next weekend's City of Oaks Half. I decided to do the run outside at a new (for me) trail, forcasted rain be damned. I drove to one of the entry spots for the local American Tobacco Trail, and basically did an out-and-back run, though I had to get creative at the end of my run to get to 13.1 and still be pretty close to my car at the end.

The trail was very pretty, tree-lined, paved and mostly flat. It crossed several streets, which I wasn't expecting. Before I started my run, there was a man at a table near the start with Hammer Gels, water, and water spiked with Hammer's energy stuff. It turned out the man was co-owner (I think, with his wife) of a new running store in Durham, Bull City Running. It was nice to chat with him for a few minutes about the gels, his new store, shoes, and the trail. It turns out that his store is right there in Southpoint Crossing Shopping Center, next to where I got onto the American Tobacco Trail.

A few miles into the run, at one of the intersections, I couldn't tell where the trail went on the other side of the street. I'm sure I would've figured it out, but as good fortune would have it, there was a lady standing near the intersection, manning a big water cooler. Turns out she (Suzanne) is with Team in Training, and was happy to point out which way to go. We chatted for a few minutes, and it was a nice, if short rest. All in all, there were quite a few people out on the trail this morning, even in the rain, though there were times when I seemed to have the trail to myself.

One of the reasons I decided to push for the half marathon mileage today was that I wanted to run all the way to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. It was nice to be able to run to see it and the interesting Durham skyline! I wish I'd had a camera with me. Then, of course, I had to run back to get to my car!

I'm fairly pleased with my time of 3:34:38, since it did rain on me some, I had some plantar fasciitis pain, and I ran out of water during mile #9. The time cap at next weekend's race is 3:30, so I'll have to focus and pick up the pace a bit, but I think it'll work out okay.

Side note: With today's run, I passed the 600 mile mark for the year.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Backing Off the Running

I decided to take a break from running this morning, to baby the plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and to rest what may be a little tendonitis in my left ankle. I still made it to the gym, though, where I rode the recumbent bike for 25 minutes (4.39 miles), then did the elliptical machine for 20 minutes (1.48 miles). I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the ellptical machine, and it's nice to break up the routine a little. I missed my morning run, but it's nice to shake things up!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Different

This morning I decided to start with the elliptical machine, and went for 15 minutes and 1.14 miles. Nice change of pace there. After the elliptical, I rode on the recumbent bike for 2.19 miles and 12 minutes. Then I ran on the treadmill for 33 minutes and 2.74 miles (12:02 average pace).

Last evening I went to my second Weight Watchers meeting in a row (yay!) and was glad to post a loss there. There was one lady who had returned to the meeting after some time away. She talked about how she'd eaten a half gallon of ice cream, to which she'd added peanut butter and chocolate sauce. Oddly enough, that sounded really good to me! But she shared that by the end, she didn't even like it anymore. Can see that too. After that, at the end of the meeting, people got various little WW awards, and one lady got her lifetime membership! Now, that's a better "prize" than ice cream, peanut butter AND chocolate! To get to lifetime Weight Watchers membership, she had to hit her goal weight and MAINTAIN it for SIX WEEKS! Now, there's determination!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Hour

This morning I rode the recumbent bike for 20 minutes and 3.44 miles. I followed up with running on the treadmill for 40 minutes and 3.30 miles, a 12:07 average pace. Now I'm thinking about breaking 12 minutes for training runs, perhaps it isn't too far off!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hour-Long Workout

I started in the recumbent bike this morning, and went 4.74 miles in 25 minutes. After that, I got on the treadmill and ran 2.75 miles in 35 minutes, with a 1-1.5% incline.

I was a bit tired this morning, eventhough I got to bed at a decent time last night. Yesterday was jam packed, and I got to bed late on Sunday night. I think it takes me a while to catch up on rest sometimes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Start to the Week

This morning I was a bit tired from getting to bed late last night, so it took an extra kick in the pants to get myself to the gym this morning. Once I was there, though, I had a good treadmill run, going 4.13 miles at a 1% incline in 50 minutes, a 12:06 average pace! That's pretty zippy for me. Amazing what a day off from running can do! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Running Allowed

After running even more miles than last week (yikes!), I stayed on the recumbent bike this morning, and pushed myself to do 7.03 miles in 36 minutes. My legs are tired and sore, but I'm glad I spent time at the gym anyway.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Long Run

I did a long run this morning, starting with 5.54 miles outside doing a run/walk combo. Then I hit the gym and ran 5.12 miles straight with a 1% incline on the treadmill. The total time was 2 hours, 40 minutes, for a 15:00 min/mile average. I had a little pain in my right foot, but it wasn't too bad. Glad to have it behind me, as we're heading to Home Movie Day at the library at Duke, followed by the Duke-Miami football game!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Back into Focus

This has been an interesting week in terms of getting refocused on my dieta (one of the Latin meanings of dieta is "way of life," which I like much better).

  • I discovered and got sucked into's food and activity journals, not to mention the nifty weight charts and graphs.

  • I attended a Weight Watchers meeting, and decided I enjoyed it, which included the weigh-in and a leader-lead class with others going through the same food issues. I got something out of the meeting, and think it'll help keep me accountable and motivated. While Weight Watchers eTools is available to me, and I should choose between the points plan or the core plan, I'm going to stick with the food and activity journals on for now and see how that works. I'm also going to continue to weigh every day, not just at WW meeting nights.

  • I stopped by the Rice House this evening after work and caught up with a few people. It was great to visit Ginger and some other old Rice Diet buddies, and to remember the progress I made there. (Ginger is so funny and wise! I've missed her! She's going to visit Lenore, another good buddy from the Rice Diet, in Virginia this weekend, and I hope they have a blast!)

Okay, Now My Legs ARE Tired!

This morning I decided to cut down on my running mileage by getting on the recumbent bike at the gym first. I did 30 minutes on bike (5.15 miles), and right about that time a treadmill opened up, and I took that as a sign. Planning just to go a mile or so, I started to think about the big difference in calorie burning between the recumbent bike and the treadmill, and I just kept going on the treadmill. My legs had felt tired when I got up this morning (although I went to bed early and had a good night's sleep), so I didn't feel like the Energizer Bunny at all, but I was able to keep going for 30 minutes and 2.34 miles (still under a 13 min/mile pace, which has been a goal for weekday runs lately).

My legs are still feeling tired, and I've been planning a long run tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. I'll make sure I drink plenty of water today and will try to get to bed early again tonight.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Running

I stuck to the treadmill this morning, so I ran for 51 minutes and 4.03 miles. It was one of those mornings when I just needed the simplicity of a single exercise. I got on the treadmill and just ran. I did nearly all of it at a 1% incline, and upped the speed on the treadmill as I went along. Average pace was 12:39 minutes/mile.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tired Morning Workout

Last night, George and I stayed up watching TV until "Law and Order: SVU" went off just before 11:00 PM. I got in bed right at 11:00, but I'm feeling a little tired this morning.

I started with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike at the gym (1.65 mi), then ran 47 minutes (3.68 miles) at a 1% incline on the treadmill this morning. The run felt pretty good once I got going, but my legs felt like cement for the first mile or so.

Yesterday I got reconnected with, and am trying the food and exercise journals as well as the weight log. I like the graphs and charts a lot. I'll post how things are going with it later. The kicker will be if I can stick with it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Run/Ride Combo

I ran 3.66 miles in 46 minutes on the treadmill (1% incline) this morning, then rode the recumbent bike for 12 minutes and 2.33 miles. I skipped the podcasts this morning and just listened to music (my workout playlist), and that was a nice change of pace. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tired Morning Workout

I'm feeling a bit tired and sore from the weekend's race and long run, so I cut things a little short on the workout. I started with 20:08 minutes (3.55 miles) on the recumbent bike, then ran for 35:08 minutes (2.7 miles) on the treadmill. I didn't bother with setting the incline on the treadmill this time, and it was a nice change of pace just to run on "flat land" today! :)

I ran 26:09 miles last week, when my goal was to break 21 miles! I think I overdid it a little, so I'll try to scale back a bit this week.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sorta Long Run

This morning I knew I needed to attempt a long run, eventhough I ran a 5K road race yesterday, and my weekly mileage was already kinda high. It's such a pretty morning that I decided that ANYTHING I did outside would be great! Ever see one of those mornings? The temperature was in the 60s, the sky was a clear blue, and it was a bit breezy outside, but not too strong. I decided from the get-go not to worry about time or pace, but just to relax and enjoy being outside.

Though I felt kinda sluggish when I got up this morning, and I puttered around a bit inside, once I got outdoors I felt a lot better. I parked at the gym, and ran from there. I ended up run/walking 6.2 miles in 1:45:00, a 16:56 average pace. I did a lot of slow jogging, and even a fair amount of walking. I just thoroughly enjoyed being outside, catching up on my podcasts and speaking to the other runners and walkers who passed me.

When I got back to the gym, I went inside and rode the recumbent bike for 25 minutes (4.67 miles). I decided to hop on the treadmill and see if I had anything left in me in the running department. I lasted for a whopping 6 minutes (0.44 miles) and decided to hang it up for the day. My left knee's bothering me a little (the one I fell on before I landed on my nose back in March--ouch), and my right foot had bothered me during the long run outdoors. I decided it was time to get home and pull out the ice.

Still, all in all, it was a good workout, and I'm still feeling pretty much on track for my half marathon next month.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Race Report: Autism Ribbon Run 5K

This morning I ran in the Autism Ribbon Run 5K in Raleigh, and had a good time! The race started and ended near Moore Square, which has a number of interesting stores and restaurants around it. I always enjoy running races in the area, because the routes often include running through the downtown historic district, including the governor's mansion. The particular course was a little hilly, with more downhills going out and some uphills coming back in. None were too bad, though I did walk up a couple of them.

The weather was great for running! The skies were overcast, there was a light breeze, and the temps were in the low to mid-6os.

Before the race, I had to get there in time to pick up my race packet. I usually like to pick that up the day before, but the website incorrectly listed last night's pickup at the Athlete's Foot at Cameron Village for both Thursday and Friday nights. The BROCHURE correctly listed the Friday evening packet pickup at Moore Square. By the time I arrived at the Athlete's Foot last night, it was about 6:40, and I didn't think I could get to Moore Square by 7:00. Kinda frustrating, but at least I had the option to pick up it before the race this morning.

Since I got there early, I enjoyed looking at the various vendor tables set up in Moore Square. It was fun to catch up with Wendy from the Magnificent Mile there, and to see that she's out of her orthotic boot--no fun! I hope she had a good race! I also gave a big hello to a lady at one of the tables; I thought I recognized her from the Galloway group, but it came up in conversation that she hadn't run in a couple of years! Ugh, oh well! :)

Afterward, the vendors were still there, and post-race refreshments were plentiful.

I ended up finishing the race in 39:31, under my goal of 40:00! Woohoo! I beat my last 5K of 39:47, and I'm happy about that! I'm still trying to beat my pre-injury PR of 35:30. I'll get there sometime!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Same Thing

I did the same routine at the gym this morning that I've done all week. Oddly enough, it hasn't been boring. I think it's been such a busy week for me that the gym routine has been comforting.

I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes (2.73 miles) at a 1% incline, then rode the recumbent bike for 25 minutes (4.62 miles). I ran a bit less today because I've got a 5K road race in Raleigh tomorrow.

Yesterday I started reading the book, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, by Haruki Murakami. I haven't gotten very far, as George and I had dinner with his family in Cary last night for Yom Kippur, but I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Run/Ride

This morning I felt a little tired, though not as tired as last week. (I've been trying to get to bed by 11:00 every night, and that's helping a lot. Even George commented this morning that I've been looking "healthier!") I got on the treadmill and decided to run at least a mile and see how I felt, and I ended going 3.1 miles in 40:04. (My pace was a little slower this morning, but still under 13 minutes, @ 12:55 minutes per mile, with a 1-1.5% incline.) Then I hopped on the recumbent bike for 20 minutes and 3.58 miles. Not a bad morning's work!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Run/Bike Again

I'm on a roll with the run/bike thing this week. This morning I ran 3.27 miles in 42 minutes, then rode 3 miles on the recumbent bike in 16 minutes. All my runs so far this week have had an average pace of under 13 minutes, which is encouraging to me. My quads are sore, but it's a good sore.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Running

I'm getting into a groove on the treadmill. Today I ran 4 miles in 51:19, without any foot pain! :) I finished up on the recumbent bike with 2.16 miles in 12 minutes.

I miss running/walking outside sometimes in the morning because it's so dark when I get up and head to the gym, but I'm glad the treadmill's feeling good. Listening to music and podcasts on the iPod helps/

Monday, October 06, 2008

Good Start to the Running Week

This morning I had a good run on the treadmill, going 3.25 miles in 41 minutes, with a 1-1.5% incline. Then I got on the recumbent bike for 15 minutes and 2.68 miles. My feet didn't bother me today--yippee!

My running goal for this week is at least 21 miles.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not-So-Long Weekend Runs

I usually do a long run on Saturdays, but yesterday morning I had to work a shift for the Junior League's Bargain Sale, so that threw me off my usual morning run. I finally got to the gym around 5 PM and ran 3.33 miles in 42 minutes, then rode the recumbent bike for 25 minutes (4.46 miles).

Since I had a really busy week, I've been feeling a little bit run down this weekend, so I slept in a little this morning. I ended up running 5.15 miles in 1:11:02. Once I started running, I felt better, but I had to stop to get ready to go to church. *sigh* I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get more running done this weekend, but I'll get over it!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lighter Morning

This morning I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine (2.15 miles), then 20:03 minutes of running on the treadmill with a 1% incline (1.6 miles). That's a 12:31 pace, so I'm getting a little faster. :) I did push the pace a little, since I knew it would be a shorter run.

I wanted to run longer, but have to think about tomorrow. I'm a member of the local Junior League, and tomorrow's our annual Bargain Sale, a huge garage sale thing. Everyone in our local league must work at least one shift, and tomorrow morning I'm working from 7:30-10:30 AM. That'll be 3 hours on my feet, for sure. After that, I need to get a long run in, not sure if it'll be 10 miles or not. I'm not going to worry about it. Helping with the Bargain Sale is always fun, and it's a big fundraiser for us. I'm sure I'll get my miles in between Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Back to Running

I started out on the recumbent bike this morning because all the decent treadmills were taken when I got to the gym. I did 2.54 miles in 15 minutes, then hopped on the treadmill. I thought I might just do 15 minutes on the treadmill, but I ended up going for 40 minutes, logging 3.16 miles. Even at an incline set at 1% and sometimes 1.5%, the pace (12:39 minutes per mile) felt decent. I've been pushing to get my average pace under 13:00, so I'm happy about that. It's nice to be feeling a little stronger as well as more rested.

Sometimes I worry that if I take the time to rest my weary self, that I might get out of sync and have a hard time running again. That may happen someday, but I need to try not to worry about it! Rest is okay!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Coming Around

While I'm still feeling a bit tired, the weariness is subsiding a bit. This morning, I started with 15 minutes on the recumbent bike, then did 26:01 minutes on the treadmill (2.02 miles) at a 1% incline. I've decided to back off a bit from the 60-minute workouts this week, since I have a lot going on at night after work this week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay, No Running Today

I managed to stay off the treadmill this morning, although it WAS calling my name! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, and another 10 on the recumbent bike. I'm still a bit tired, though I got to bed a little earlier last night. I need to continue to monitor the tiredness thing. I'm eating well enough and taking a multivitamin. I feels like an exercise tired. I'll continue to hydrate, and will try to get to bed at a decent time again tonight.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Didn't Mean to Run Today...

I woke up weary this morning, partly because I went to bed too late, and partly because I ran 26.24 miles last week, a big increase from running 20.89 miles the week before. I was just going to crosstrain today, so I rode the recumbent bike for 25 minutes (3.72 miles). Then I decided to get on the treadmill-for just a few minutes. The exercise on the bike had gotten the blood flowing, and I was eager to burn some more calories. I got on the treadmill and started slow. I ran and ran, and before I knew it I'd logged 2.3 miles in 30:15 minutes. Okay, so now I'm still tired, and a little sore too. I need to rest, but I need to exercise too. Where's the balance?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Treadmill Run

I had planned to do a little running this morning, and follow it with some crosstraining, but I got on the treadmill and just kept on running. I ended up going 3.47 miles in 45:08, about a 13- minute pace! Not bad for a morning after a long run-for me, anyway. I set the incline at 1%.

I feel a bit tired, and my legs are sore and a little tight. I've been stretching a bit since I got home.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long Run Report

This morning I decided I just had to get some outdoor miles under my belt! So, I parked at the gym, and set out from there with my Garmin 205 on my wrist. I did some of the miles near my gym first,; then I went to the Brier Creek residential area and ran a long stretch of Arnold Palmer Drive. It was a really pretty morning for running outside! I could feel a difference in the temperatures, and that helped a lot, I think. I ended up hitting the 10 mile mark in 2:40:00, four minutes and change faster than my last outdoor 10-mile run. I ended up continuing for a few more minutes outdoors, finishing 10.21 miles in 2:44:00 (with some more walking at the end). Then I went inside the gym and ran another 23 minutes (1.83 miles) on the treadmill (without a walking break).

My total for today is 12.04 miles in 3:07:00. I'm feeling more confident now about finishing the City of Oaks Half Marathon within the 3:30:00 time limit--yay!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting Closer to Milestone

This morning I ran an easy 35 minutes on the treadmill for 2.62 miles, then got on the recumbent bike for 25:01 minutes (4.45 miles). I'm just a little over two miles from hitting the 500 mile mark--yay! I should pass that tomorrow. It's not the 1000 miles I was shooting for in January, so now I'm running to set the total to beat NEXT year.

After yesterday's blog post, I registered for the City of Oaks/Rex Healthcare Half Marathon, which is exciting! I'm a little nervous, but a mostly excited! I also signed up for the Autism Ribbon Run 5K on October 11. I've run that race before, and it's a fast course, so that'll be fun, and a good chance to do a little speed work for the half marathon. Since the timing worked out, I decided to sign up for the virtual Worldwide Festival of Races, and will use my Autism Ribbon Run time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Treadmill Today

My legs are still feeling tired this morning, and the plantar fasciitis in my left foot was peeping at me when I got up, so I decided to take a break from running today. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical machine instead (for 3.16 miles) and followed it with 20 minutes on the recumbent bike (for 3.46 miles).

Last evening I finally got around to exploring a website called, where you can map out routes, and the site will tell you distances. (I'd heard of it for a while, but hadn't gotten around to poking around on it.) You can save routes to your profile, and make them public or private. Once I got the hang of it, I could see that the site could be a lot of run in terms of creating new routes, or finding routes already added by others on the site. I've already got some good ideas of places to run around here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Broken Record

Okay, I did the same gym machines as yesterday, but it works. I ran a little less today, though, because I started feeling a little nagging pain where I had the groin strain earlier this year. When I started feeling it, I finished that minute and hopped off! Ended up with 32 minutes of running on the treadmill, for 2.47 miles.

I stretched a little bit, and got on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes (5.39 miles). No more pain, but I'll stretch some more today.

I enjoyed watching "The Biggest Loser" with George last night. He suggested we have a contest with each other, to see who can lose the most weight. He wants to go pound for pound, but I'd rather do weight loss percentage, like they do on "The Biggest Loser." We'll see how this goes!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running and Bike

This morning I ran 41 minutes for 3.10 miles on the treadmill, then hopped on the recumbent bike for 3.58 miles in 20 minutes. It's the second day in a row that I've exercised for an hour total, and my legs feel it a bit. I'll probably need to do a little less some days until I get used to it.

I've continued to find workouts to add to my BuckeyeOutdoors online log. Yesterday I remembered the log I used to keep on back last year. I wasn't very consistent about it using that log, but it has enough to make it worth consolidating, especially the road races I recorded online. One online log I used to use (I think it was on ceased to exist, so I lost some workouts from that, but oh well. I've glad to have the records I've got, and I've been recording consistently for quite some time now. One thing I've recently discovered on BuckeyeOutdoors is that I can record my weight, which I think will be motivating. There's also a food log, but I think I'll stick with another site for that.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Crosstraining Morning

This morning I did 35:01 minutes on the treadmill for 2.54 miles, 15 minutes on the elliptical for 1.11 miles, and a cool down on the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (1.74 miles). It felt great to do a full hour of cardio again!

I finished plugging in this year's workouts into Buckeye Outdoors. It was interesting to plug in the limited workouts through my February groin strain, as well was all the "rest days" (doctor ordered) after I broke my nose, then had it reset in the hospital. It was a good experience to review the whole year to date, really, and think about what next year's goals will be. I'd hoped to hit 1000 miles of running for this year, but won't make it, so I think that 1000 running miles will be a goal for 2009.

I was also glad to figure out how to put my workouts from the BuckeyeOutdoors log onto my blog here. See the right side, near this post. From there, it's also easy to see monthly and yearly totals, which is fun. (I'm almost up to 500 running miles for the year, which is pretty decent.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Recumbent Bike Ride

My legs are sore from yesterday's long run on the treadmill, so I got on the recumbent bike at the gym this morning, and did 7.01 miles in 40 minutes. Late on Sunday afternoon now, my legs are still pretty sore!

One of my projects this weekend has been entering my miles from earlier this year into my online training log on BuckeyeOutdoors, so that I can let the website do the math and create stats and reports for me. It's been an interesting reminder of all the miles I did at the beginning of the year (I'm transferring early February's runs now.) Not only did I run farther 8-9 months ago, but I was going faster too! *sigh*

It's reminded me of two things: 1) that I got injured in mid-February, due to the distance and speed I was putting in; and 2) I weigh a few more pounds than I did then.

I need to remember not to overdo it as I increase my workouts. I also need to continue to watch my calories and refocus my weight loss efforts.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long Run Inside

I decided to take it easy on themy 10-mile run this morning. The Galloway group was going to run a hilly course, and my week was busy enough that I didn't feel like going there. So, I headed for the gym this morning to run on the treadmill. I had to break the runs into chunks, since the treadmill only lets me do an hour plus a few minutes of cool down. My total was 10.17 miles in 2:33:00, for a 15:02 pace! I did most of this on a 1-1.5% incline, so that it would be a little harder. I'm excited about the faster pace, even if it was on the treadmill.

I did do some walking, but I ran for the whole first hour, and it felt good to find out I could do that. Now, in the middle of the day, I am pretty tired and sore, but nothing that a nap won't cure. Okay, and maybe a bubble bath later. :D

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Running

My favorite treadmill was calling my name again this morning, so I ended up running 40:01 minutes for 3.12 miles at a 1% incline. It's more than I'd planned to run, considering I'm planning to do a long run in the morning. We'll see how that goes now!

Afterward, I got on the recumbent bike to cool down for 5 minutes, and it turned into 15 minutes (2.67 miles).

It was a good workout, but I'm exercise-tired. I hope I can get to bed early tonight.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crosstraining Morning

This morning I started with 20 minutes (1.47 miles) on the elliptical machine, followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill (1.55 miles), and cooled down with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike (1.78 miles).

I've plugged in a few more races I'd like to run into the list on the right. I also discovered the points totals online for the Second Empire Grand Prix Race Series, of which the Magnificent Mile (the race I ran on Sunday) was a part. There's a lunch in January, after the series is over, for the series winners (based on points), as well as for runners who participate in seven of the nine races. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to participate in seven races total at this point (since I missed the first race of the series). Part of it is due to other commitments this fall. Next weekend's race is the Anna's Angels 10 Miler and 5K--the 10 Miler is part of the series, but the course closes in two hours, and I can't run that fast yet. The 5K partnered with the 10 Miler doesn't qualify for series points. Ah well. I'll run as many of the races in the series as I can, and if they do the series again next year, I'll try to plan ahead.

I've put links for the Second Empire Grand Prix Race Series and the point totals on the right hand side of the blog pace to help me keep track. Let me know if you're planning to run any of the same road races!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Running

My favorite treadmill was free when I got to the gym this morning, so I hopped on and went for 45 minutes and 3.42 miles. I cooled down with 10 minutes (1.74 miles) on the recumbent bike.

George and I watched the season premier of "The Biggest Loser" last night. I like watching the show, eventhough I'm envious of the contestants for getting to take time out from "regular life" for their weightloss efforts. One thing I pay close attention to is what the personal trainers are having the contestants do in the gym. It's fun to get new workout ideas from the show!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back on the Treadmill

I got back on the treadmill this morning, not sure how it was going to go. My cold is a little better, but I'm still feeling a bit tired and achy. I thought I'd try going for 5 minutes and see how it went. I ended up going for 35 minutes (2.63 miles), and followed it with 10 minutes (1.67 miles) on the recumbent bike.

I had a church meeting last night, then we had to stop by the drugstore, so we got home close to 10 PM last night! Ick! Tonight I hope to get to bed early.

Monday, September 15, 2008

On the Recumbent Bike

This morning, tired and still sniffling, I went to the gym and did 40 minutes (7.02 miles) on the recumbent bike. Mentally, I felt better after exercising, and there's a lot to be said for that! I'm still tired and sniffling, though, but hope I'll turn the corner soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Race Report: Magnificent Mile, Raleigh, NC

Okay, next time I start pouting about being a slow runner, someone just take me by the shoulders, shake me, and tell me to get over it. I had fun today! I finished the 1-mile race in 11:09, and was pleasantly surprised! The race report follows.....

The Magnificent Mile started in downtown Raleigh, near Second Empire Restaurant and the Clarion Hotel, at 2:00 this afternoon. I got there early to pick up my timing chip in the first floor of the Clarion Hotel, and decided to hang out in the lobby for a while, because it was so hot outside (low 90s, about 10 degrees above normal). I enjoyed people watching, as I often do. At road races, I find myself scoping out the competition, and at events that have both competitive and non-competitive categories, I tend to scan people's feet too, to see whether or not they're in the "competitive" (=timing chip attached to shoe laces) division. It amuses me that I do this, as I usually don't consider myself a competitive person when it comes to other people; I love beating my own times at various distances. Since this was going to be my first 1-mile road race, it meant a guaranteed PR! ;-)

This competitive 1-miler had two heats, one for the men first, followed by the women. While the elite men runners were being introduced just before the men's heat, I struck up a conversation with a lady standing near me on the sidewalk. She had a neon green t-shirt on that indicated she was part of a WISH Training Team, with the group's motto on the back. A couple of us in the crowd were intrigued and asked about it. Turns out she's a big Disney fan, and has run the Disney World half/full marathon courses a few times. Apparently, this is a virtual training team she's on, along with others from the Disney message boards on She was smiling as she described how much fun this whole thing was, as people from all over the world were part of these boards and the virtual training team as well. It reminded me of a lady I'd exchanged a couple of messages with some 2-3 years ago when I left a comment on her running/weight loss blog. (That lady was a big fan of the Disney races too.) I was trying to figure out if the person on that blog was this same person from her picture on her blog (which went inactive a while back), but I couldn't tell for sure and didn't want to come across like a stalker or something. Anyway, we did talk about our race hopes for the afternoon, and I was relieved to hear she was hoping to finish around the same time I was!

It was fun watching the guys run their mile. Since I always finish near the back of the races I run, I don't ever see any elite runners finish, but I got to today! The winner of the men's heat finished in a probable course record of around 4:12. Boy, was he flying toward the finish line when I saw him cruise past where I was standing! All the guys finished in under 10 minutes, except for one little kid, who finished in about 12:30. He was sooo cute, and his mom was trotting next to him with a stroller with another child in it. As they neared the finish line, she took the stroller to the left of the finish line, and the little boy wanted to follow her instead of crossing the finish line with his timing chip on! The race officials redirected him across the timing strip at the finish. Very sweet!

Then it was our turn to line up at the start line. Instinctively, I walked to the back of the pack, and there was the Disney lady! We had a few pre-race chuckles, and then the horn sounded. We started running down Hillsborogh St. toward the State Capitol area. The course would take us up to Salisbury St., Morgan St., Wilmington St., Edenton St., back onto Salisbury, then back on Hillsborough St. down to the finish.

At one point pretty early on, I realized I was the last one in the race! (The big clue was the police car right behind me.) The lady in neon green was maybe 50-75 yards ahead of me, and there were a couple of people in between us. I didn't know how that happened--it was like I must've zoned out for a minute or two. I shook it off, and set my sights on the next person in front of me. I caught up with her in a bit, and we exchanged some encouraging words. (She was wearing a gold colored family reunion t-shirt, along with a couple other ladies I'd seen near the start. I thought that was a neat thing to do.) I finally caught up with the Disney lady, and we traded places a couple of times along the way. It was fun to chat with her at different times over the next several minutes. At one point I passed one more lady, who's number (95) was one number lower than mine. I told her we were number neighbors, and to keep on keepin' on. She thought I was strange, I think. (Or maybe she was tired like I was, or maybe she just didn't care!)

When I got back on Hillsborough and could finally see the clock, I hoped I could make it in under 11 minutes, but I didn't quite make it. Disney gal and I ended up crossing the finish line together in 11:09, and it was fun to have someone to celebrate with at the end of the race!

I was pretty tired at the end of the race, though, and am still a bit sore. My cold is still lingering, but I'm still excited about the race, inspite of being a little under the weather.

It was about 20 more seconds before I realized I'd forgotten to turn off my Garmin-oops! I stayed afterward to enjoy the post-race food, watch the non-competitive race (a number of those runners would've beat me this afternoon), and see the official results for myself (out of impatient curiosity--they'll post them online eventually, but I was curious, since my Garmin had kept going). I found out my time of 11:09, and saw the name of the person who finished with me. Turns out it WAS the same lady I'd swapped messages with a few years ago! Now, I can start looking for her brightly colored shirt at future races and say hello. :)


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