Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Back into Focus

This has been an interesting week in terms of getting refocused on my dieta (one of the Latin meanings of dieta is "way of life," which I like much better).

  • I discovered and got sucked into's food and activity journals, not to mention the nifty weight charts and graphs.

  • I attended a Weight Watchers meeting, and decided I enjoyed it, which included the weigh-in and a leader-lead class with others going through the same food issues. I got something out of the meeting, and think it'll help keep me accountable and motivated. While Weight Watchers eTools is available to me, and I should choose between the points plan or the core plan, I'm going to stick with the food and activity journals on for now and see how that works. I'm also going to continue to weigh every day, not just at WW meeting nights.

  • I stopped by the Rice House this evening after work and caught up with a few people. It was great to visit Ginger and some other old Rice Diet buddies, and to remember the progress I made there. (Ginger is so funny and wise! I've missed her! She's going to visit Lenore, another good buddy from the Rice Diet, in Virginia this weekend, and I hope they have a blast!)

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