Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling Better

1) Rode 6.23 miles (35:04 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Stretched the IT bands for about 5 min.
3) Walked 1.5 miles (25:15 min)

Feeling much better this morning overall, despite a partially restless* night. I'm not as tired and sore as I was this time yesterday.

*Note to self: Don't try to drink the day's total water quota after 9 PM again! Too many middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tired Sunday Workout

1) Walked 1.1 miles (20:04 min) on the treadmill
2) Rode 2.6 miles (15 min) on the recumbent bike
3) Stretched the IT bands for about 5 minutes

Whew, tired and a bit sore today from yesterday's hilly long run! Feeling a bit better mentally about the whole back-of-the-pack thing, partly because I finished a running book. Now, I need to think about what I can do to improve my running. Speed wasn't in the cards for today, though.

I had a nice nap this afternoon.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today's Mixed-Up Galloway Long Run

I returned to Raleigh for the Galloway training run this morning, with a very hilly 8+ mile course on the schedule. I started out with the 14/15 minute pace group, which decided to walk without my realizing it for a while! That felt a little off. Soon after, George told me he was going to catch up with the 13 minute pace group because he wanted to run some. He went ahead, and at the restroom break at Crabtree Mall, I decided to join him in the 13 minute pace group and see how it went. I enjoyed doing the 1:1 run/walk ratio for a while, but started fading and ended up way at the back of the group. George stayed with me pretty much, and eventually we decided we were far enough in the back of the 13 group, that we would wait for the 14/15 min group.

So, we started walking with the 14/15 group again, but eventually we were at the back of the 14/15 minute group, after pushing ourselves in the 13 min group for a while! So, now I'm feeling a little discouraged about being in the back of two DIFFERENT pace groups today, instead of being in the middle of just one pace group that chose to walk today. I hope that later, I'll feel okay about having tried the 13 min pace group, eventhough it didn't work out today.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Workout Blahs

1) Walked 1.58 miles (30:08 min) on the treadmill
2) Rode 1.7 miles (10 min) on the recumbent bike

My left knee was sore while walking, and the soreness didn't really ease up any. What's up with that? Also, feeling generally tired. It's been a busy week at work and away from work, in addition to the longer than usual training runs during the week, plus trying yoga for the first time. I hope I can get to bed early tonight, but George and I have dinner plans first with our Covenant Group.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Run/Walk

I hit the roads again this morning, going 2.78 miles in 45:04 minutes, using a mostly 1:1 run/walk ratio. A few times I ran for 2 consecutive minutes, to help speed up my average pace per mile. Thankfully, it was a little faster today. :) Afterward, I stretched my IT bands for about 5 minutes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Yoga Class!!

I tried my first yoga class this evening, something called "Yoga for Athletes" at UNC Wellness. It was a really good class, and though I couldn't do everything to the fullest (some by a long shot!), I still got a lot out of it. I was a bit self-conscious, truth be told, but I need to remember that it's okay to be there, to try my best and get all I can out of it. Improvement takes time and practice.

Afterward, I checked my blood pressure at one of the machines (like what you see at the drugstore) nearby, and it was 101/61! Is that insane, or what?! I'll take it! :)

Just Walking

I got on the treadmill this morning for 1.9 miles in 35:02 minutes. That's it. In addition to being short on time this morning, I was long on soreness after yesterday's kinda slow run/walk. Go figure. I guess the distance yesterday played a factor. Ah well, some days are like this, right?

I'm going to try again to make the "yoga for athletes" class this evening (last week I didn't make it in time), and I bet that will help with the soreness!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Solo Run-Walk

I decided to run/walk outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. I used my Garmin Forerunner for mileage and the Gymboss for interval timining, and went 3.37 miles in 56 minutes, a 16:37 avg. pace. Here I thought I was going faster than my solo run last Friday, but it turns out I averaged about 20 seconds more per mile today! Yikes! Granted, I went about a mile and a half longer today than I did on Friday, and that's worth something! Still, I really want to speed up. Maybe I'll start working in some speedwork.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday

1) Rode 7.2 miles (40:05 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Walked 0.6 mile (10:07 min) on the treadmill
3) Ran 0.4 mile (5:03 min) on the treadmill
4) Stretches for IT band and hams, and strength exercises for hips and glutes

I loaned my Garmin to George this morning. He's taking it to work to measure where he walks for his lunchtime training walk/runs. I'm a little more worried about getting it back that I care to admit (and should be)! :> But I am almost as curious as George to learn what his lunchtime mileage is.

Planning a run/walk outside tomorrow morning myself before work, and am looking forward to it. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy Sunday Morning Workout

1) Rode 7.2 miles (40:06 min) on recumbent bike
2) Walked 0.35 mile (6 min) on treadmill
3) Ran 0.4 mile (5:09 min) on treadmill
4) About 5 min stretching

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Long, Slow Run with Galloway Group

I joined the Galloway training group again for a long run near Cameron Village. We met at the Athlete's Foot, and went out from there. It was the hottest day so far. and I felt it! One of my goals today was to stay closer to the group leader, but she slowed down today, so that wasn't as hard! We ended up going 6 miles in 1:47:00 (okay, I kept walking til I hit 6 miles even!), a 17:50 pace--25 seconds slower per mile than last week! :[ This is probably the best pace group for me right now, but I so want to be faster!

So, what can I do in the coming week to work on my running?
1) Practice running more outside, using the run/walk method, and work on pace
2) Work on calories in vs. calories out, good nutrition, in hopes of losing weight. Lighter people can potentially run faster.
3) Work on flexibility--make getting to a yoga class a priority, and continue stretching IT bands (current trouble spot)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Outdoor Run

This morning I decided to run outside, eventhough it's a workday, and it felt great! I drove over to the gym, and ran from there. I used the Gymboss interval timer, which George helped me set up, and after a few warmup walking minutes, I started a run/walk ratio of 1:1. I ended up going a total of 2.76 mile in 45 minutes, a 16:18 min/mile average pace. Slow as molasses, yes, but it felt better than any treadmill run I've had in a while! I enjoyed every minute of this morning's run/walk! :) Part of it was being outside, but part of it was the built-in walk breaks, I think.

Afterward, I went inside the gym and did some IT band, hip, and glute exercises, then rode 3.06 miles (17:01 min) on the recumbent bike. Good way to start the day! Definitely feel better than yesterday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tired Workout

1) Rode 9.12 miles (51 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Stretched for about 5 minutes
3) Walked 0.35 mile (6 min) on the treadmill

I missed the yoga class last night (got lost!), so I ended up joining George at my mom's to try to figure out the printer. At 8:00, we hadn't had any luck, so Mom took us out to eat, and we didn't leave the restaurant until nearly 10 PM! Long day yesterday, dragging today.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Workout

1) Walked 2.04 miles (35:05 min) on the treadmill
2) Ran 1.04 miles (13:05 min) on the treadmill
3) Rode 5.51 miles (30:01 min) on the recumbent bike
4) Stretched the IT bands for about 5 minutes

Today's workout felt really good! I still have some energy left, but need to use that to get ready for work! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Tuesday

I kept the workout short this morning, as I had an appointment with the doctor this morning.

1) Walked 1.75 miles (30 min) on the treadmill
2) Ran 0.15 mile (2 min) on the treadmill---yes, pitiful, I know!
3) Stretched IT bands and did hip and glute strength exercises

The orthopaedist was glad my IT band was doing better, and said the knee noise is crepitus. No arthritis yet. She tested my quads and hamstrings, and said I REALLY need to work on flexibility and strength for my knee health. So, I'm planning to try a yoga class tomorrow night (hoping I can get away from work on time!).

Tonight, George and I joined the Raleigh Galloway group for a happy hour at Tobacco Road. I hadn't been there before, so it was fun trying a new place and seeing familiar faces. It was fun chatting with runner friends in normal clothes, with hair down and no sweating. I ended up eating supper there, a tomato and avocado sandwich with cheese grits as my side dish. It was yummy, and a wonderful change of pace.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Monday

1) Rode 5.3 miles (30:02 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Did some IT band stretches
3) Walked 1.2 miles (20:15 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 0.40 mile (5:06 min) on the treadmill

My left knee had a dull ache going on during the run. Tomorrow I return to the orthopaedist for the IT band issue. I wonder if she'll be able to shed some light on the knee stuff. Hope so!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday at the Gym

I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes (1.78 miles) this morning, then did some stretching and strength exercises for my IT bands, hips, and glutes. I've been tired and achy all day, so I've been taking it easy today, even took a nap!

Back at it tomorrow!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long Run With the Galloway Group

Today I ran/walked 5.74 miles in 1 hour 40 minutes with the Galloway group! It was a nice accomplishment to go the distance, though the average pace (17:25 minutes/mile) was considerably slower than last week's pace. Considering I'm feeling some aches and pains, I'm not complaining too much! I enjoyed the course for today's run, and I also chatted with some people I hadn't met before, which was really nice!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Mile!

1) Rode 5.55 miles (31 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Stretched IT bands for about 4 minutes
3) Ran 1.01 miles (12:03 min) on the treadmill

Today's running felt a little better than yesterday's, which was encouraging. Tomorrow is the scheduled 5-miler with the Galloway training group. 5 miles will be a nice hurdle to cross.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Workout

1) Strength exercises for hips and glutes, about 8 min
2) Rode 6.46 mi (36 min) on recumbent bike
3) Stretched IT bands for about 5 min
4) Walked 0.85 mi (15:11 min) on the treadmill
5) Ran 0.5 mi (6:07 min) on the treadmill

My knees are bothering me a bit this morning, a dull ache, especially the left one.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Running, Plus Gym Tour

1) Rode 5.4 miles (30:07 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Stretched about 5 min
3) Walked 1.25 min (21 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 1 mile (12:05 min) on the treadmill--felt good, but time to get ready for work

Last evening after work, I decided to go by UNC Wellness Center for a visit. I called George, who was on his way home too, and he met me there. I was glad he joined me, because as usual, he came up with some questions for the staff that I wouldn't have come up with, or taken the time to ask. I was impressed by all the cardio and strength training equipment, as well as the indoor track. The pool, hot tub, and sauna area are very nice, too, and the locker room seems to be well stocked. I'm also attracted to the class list, which includes yoga (there's even a "Yoga for Athletes" class!), tai chi, aqua, and other interesting stuff, in addition to the regular aerobics and spinning classes. I'm going to think about it some more, and see my orthopaedist next week. Meanwhile, my regular gym looked a little dingy and boring this morning, but it's mighty convenient, being right across the street from my apartment complex!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday at the Gym, Plus Physical Therapy

1) Walked 1.16 miles (20 min) on the treadmill
2) Ran 0.41 mile (5:01 min) on the treadmill

It was a short workout today, as I had my last appointment with the physical therapist at 7:30 this morning. *yawn* It was a good session, though. We reviewed the exercises I've been doing, and he suggested going to every other day with those. (Stretches can still be every day.) He also showed me some stretches to do while I'm "on the run" outside, to help with the IT bands and hamstrings (also tight).

We talked about my crackling knees, and he said it was "arthritic activity"--yikes! Okay, he's not a physician, but that's what he said. I asked him about running, and he hesitated, then said that with the amount of running I do, I should be fine. He recommended continuing to work on my strength and flexibility, and to get into some sort of pool program. Sounds like crosstraining is key. I'm going to look into UNC Wellness again, since my current gym doesn't have a pool.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday at the Gym, and Day #1 of 100 Day Challenge

1) Rode 9 miles (50:06 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Worked on IT bands, hips and glutes for about 10 min.
3) Walked 0.6 mile (10:06 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 0.41 mile (5:01 min) on the treadmill

I'm starting my 100 Day Challenge with a sleep deficit, but I know that's something I need to work on! After today, just 99 more days! Woo!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Crosstraining at the Gym

1) Rode 6.3 miles (35:02 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Did about 10 minutes of stretching and strength exercises for IT bands, hips, and glutes
3) Walked 1.2 miles (20:01 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 0.5 mile (6:17 min) on the treadmill

I'm a bit tired and sore today after yesterday's "long" run, but I'm still basking in the glow of covering 4 miles. Funny, huh?! :)

I got the the gym a little late this morning, and the cleaning service (one guy) was there. I've been noticing that the gym is kinda dirty lately, and this guy didn't seem to be doing a very thorough job. Maybe it wasn't "thorough day" on the gym cleaning schedule, but.... Well, anyway, I can say something, not say something, and/or find a new gym. I've been thinking about adding a gym (UNC Wellness Center) that has swimming, classes, an indoor track, stuff like that. The one I'm going to now is just sooo convenient!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Galloway Long Run

I joined the Galloway group again today for another long run, 4 miles on the calendar for today. It included the "Magic Mile," one of Jeff Galloway's predictors for training and racing. We met at the Fleet Feet store in Raleigh, warmed up a mile, then did the Magic Mile. I finished in about 14 minutes, which puts me in the right training group for now.

Those first two miles were a gradual decline, so the last two miles where back up the hill. After pushing a little in that mile run, the incline is a little tougher! I'm trying to adopt a good attitude about hills in training, though. They can only help, right?! :)

George ran with the group again today, and ran a 12 minute mile. He gave it just about all he had to run the Magic Mile, though, so the last two miles were tough for him.

I was feeling chatty today, so I enjoyed getting to know some other runners, both in my pace group and in some others. After the run, people milled around, eating the snacks and drinking water, so I enjoyed walking up to fellow groupies as well as people I didn't know, and asking them how their run went. Eventhough I consider myself an introvert, I get this way sometimes! :) Part of what helped is that I still have some energy left after these shorter runs, plus George was shopping for new shoes, and since we rode together, I had some time to kill.

I ended up run/walking 4.01 miles in 1:03:02, a big improvement, pace-wise, over last Saturday (by about 45 seconds), eventhough I walked and talked some extra.

I ran in a new running (and wicking) shirt from Lands End, by the way, and I loved how it felt! Cool blue color, too!)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Workout, Plus 100 Days Challenge

1) Rode 8.08 miles (45:03 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Did about 12 min. of stretches and strength exercises for IT bands, hips, glutes
3) Walked 0.3 mile (5:08 min) on treadmill
4) Ran 0.65 mile (8:05 min) on the treadmill

The running felt good, just taking it easy before tomorrow's scheduled 4-miler.

Meanwhile, I'm wrapping my head around starting a 100 Days Challenge for myself, to focus on weight loss and other healthy habits, like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, flossing, things like that. If you want to joing me, let me know!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday at the Gym

1) Did 1.56 miles (20:05 min) on the elliptical, a nice change of pace from the bike
2) About 10 minutes of stretching and strength for IT bands, hips, and glutes
3) Walked 1.17 miles (20:03 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 1 mile (12:13 min) on the treadmill

I had my annual deal with the gynecologist yesterday, and mentioned the knees crackling to him. He said he thought it was probably just from the extra stretching and strength stuff I've been doing to help with the ITBS. Hmmm. He's a runner too, and said he's had ITBS many times, so he may be right. (He didn't feel my knees, or anything. Not his specialty!) The thing I don't get is that these exercises are supposed to be HELPING, not producing extra symptoms! ;) My next PT appointment is next Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy National Running Day

1) Rode 3.6 miles (20:04 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Did IT band, hip, and glute things for about 10 minutes
3) Walked 1.23 miles (21 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 0.56 mile (7:01 min) on the treadmill

Today's running felt fine, but don't want to push it now with the knee stuff going on. I sent the physical therapist I saw last week an email, since I'll be returning to him next week. I have no idea if he responds to emails, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try! :) More later.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rest from Running

Okay, today wasn't a total rest day, but I decided to take a break from running today, as my knees have been doing some wierd snap-crackle-and-popping since May 26. I'm a little concerned about it, but I already have an appointment to return to the physical therapist next week, and the orthopaedist the week after that. So, meanwhile....

1) Walked 1.72 miles (30 min) on the treadmill
2) Spent about 15 minutes doing stretches and exercises for my IT bands, hips, and glutes
3) Rode 3.59 miles (20 min) on the recumbent bike

Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Morning Workout

1) Rode 7.21 miles (40 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Stretched the IT bands, hips, and glutes for about 10 min
3) Walked 0.6 mile (10:10 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 0.41 mile (5:02 min) on the treadmill

I think I'm going to need to pull back on the bike to give myself some more running time in the morning. Another alternative--get to the gym earlier in the morning!

This is my 1000th post on this blog! Yay! Had no idea I'd still be blogging. Guess I'm hooked! :)


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