Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Gym Workout

I had another solid gym workout before work this morning, between the stationary bike and the elliptical machine. I love early morning workouts, since there's such a feeling of accomplishment at getting a workout done first thing. I tell ya, though, I'm tired! I can tell I need to work on my endurance. For that, I'm thankful for a gym with plenty of cardio equipment. Since I've had such an issue with my feet the past few years, I'm glad to be able to give them a break early in this half marathon training cycle.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Training for the 2012 Tobacco Road Half Marathon

Toni and Lesley during the 2011 Tobacco Road Half Marathon
Okay, I did it. I've signed up for the 2012 Tobacco Road Half Marathon! I did this half marathon last year, and it was my worst half marathon time ever. I finished it, and was happy about the finish, but there's a lot to work on, obviously! I missed the City of Oaks Half Marathon earlier this month due to plantar fasciitis and a busy fall semester with grad school going on (including a Saturday class!). I've signed up for spring semester, and am only taking one class (on a weekday night), and my foot is feeling much better, so I'm going for it!

I decided to buy a parking pass for the 2012 race as well. Last year, there was a big snafu with the busing people from the remote parking area. George and I got there very early, so we didn't have a problem with being at the race on time, but it was a hassle having to catch the bus back to our car. (Other runners were late to the race because of the buses running late.) I decided to park "on-site" this time. The parking pass was only $5, and since I signed up on "Black Friday," I got $10 off registration anyway.

So, I had a really good workout at the gym yesterday, and it felt great! I didn't walk or run, but worked on crosstraining for conditioning purposes. I'm going to work on conditioning for another week or two, and see how things go from there. I've also started working on my diet (again).

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about going for Half Fanatics membership this spring (starting with Tobacco Road). Here's hoping I can stay healthy! :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Lake Lynn Walk

Lake Lynn
I got a late start to my workout  yesterday, but I still wanted to be a little adventurous, so I decided to start my workout at Lake Lynn, a lake in north Raleigh. I was glad I went, because it's very pretty, and turned out to be a very nice change of scenery! Since the community center there was closed, and I needed to use the facilities somewhere, I didn't stay as long as I wanted on the Lake Lynn trails, but I would love to go back!

Here are my pictures from the 1.26 mile walk around part of Lake Lynn. I hope to return to make it all the way around the lake sometime!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Use for Duct Tape

A New Use for Duct Tape by Lesley Looper
A New Use for Duct Tape, a photo by Lesley Looper on Flickr.
I took this picture before the 2011 City of Oaks Marathon earlier this month. George commented on this barefoot runner standing near us, and he showed us the bottom of his feet. I got permission to take a photo of the bottom of one of his feet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Water Aerobics

I returned to water aerobics class at the gym on Monday night, and I'm still feeling the effects! In fact, my left hamstrings are a new soreness this morning! I won't go back to water arobics class this evening because my first final exam is looming on Saturday, but I hope to return soon. Good workout!

Clipart from

Monday, November 07, 2011

My First Marathon Support Gig

George and Me Before the 2011 City of Oaks
While I've volunteered at a marathon before, yesterday was my first experience of supporting a runner during a marathon. George was shooting to complete his first marathon, the City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh, NC. To help me help him, he developed maps with mile markers and ETAs, and packed a bag of possible supplies for me to have at each stop. It was fun to see him at each stop, though I discovered how tiring it can be! My advice: people doing support need to get rest before the race too! I stopped in at the Cafe Carolina at Cameron Village in between support points, and I actually fell asleep in the restaurant! (Glad I woke up in time to get to the next location!)

I'm sad (for George) to say that he didn't quite make it to the end. He suffered calf cramps for about 10 miles (Holy Cow! TEN?!) before finally deciding to call it quits after 21 miles. He's bummed, of course, but otherwise doing okay. He plans to get lots of R&R today.

I continue to be very proud of George and his running, and hope he recovers quickly. He does plan to try another marathon sometime in the future.

Thanks to Ashby for taking the picture above of George and me before the race started!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Picking Up Swag for a Race I'm Not Running

I visited the City of Oaks Marathon and Half Marathon Expo today to pick up my number, shirt, and other stuff for tomorrow's half, only I'm not running! :-/ As I've mentioned earlier, plantar fasciitis and grad school have gotten in the way in recent months, so it's the right decision, for sure. Still, it ended up feeling a little odd walking out with this stuff I'm not going to use tomorrow. I went with George, who's running his first marathon tomorrow, though, and it was nice to be there with him! I also saw several runners I know, so it was fun to be able to wish them luck in person, rather than on Facebook only!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Walking with Some Pain

I haven't been to the gym this week, as I've been busy with school (class and looming deadlines), but I have been taking some walk breaks at work. The weather's been great for it, and getting some fresh air during the workday is always nice.

The catch? I'm feeling the plantar fasciitis in my left foot, even though I haven't been doing that much exercise, AND in my RIGHT foot, I'm thinking it's a heel spur. *sigh* I'm already wearing good running shoes (even to work lately--lucky!), and have custom orthotics in them. Guess I need to work on icing and such when I can remember to do it.

Meanwhile, I'm going to look into some classes at the gym once this week's school deadlines are over. Maybe water aerobics? Spinning/cycling? Any other suggestions? I love being out in the fresh air for exercise, but I don't own a bike (and don't have a place to store it if I did).


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