Saturday, June 06, 2009

Galloway Long Run

I joined the Galloway group again today for another long run, 4 miles on the calendar for today. It included the "Magic Mile," one of Jeff Galloway's predictors for training and racing. We met at the Fleet Feet store in Raleigh, warmed up a mile, then did the Magic Mile. I finished in about 14 minutes, which puts me in the right training group for now.

Those first two miles were a gradual decline, so the last two miles where back up the hill. After pushing a little in that mile run, the incline is a little tougher! I'm trying to adopt a good attitude about hills in training, though. They can only help, right?! :)

George ran with the group again today, and ran a 12 minute mile. He gave it just about all he had to run the Magic Mile, though, so the last two miles were tough for him.

I was feeling chatty today, so I enjoyed getting to know some other runners, both in my pace group and in some others. After the run, people milled around, eating the snacks and drinking water, so I enjoyed walking up to fellow groupies as well as people I didn't know, and asking them how their run went. Eventhough I consider myself an introvert, I get this way sometimes! :) Part of what helped is that I still have some energy left after these shorter runs, plus George was shopping for new shoes, and since we rode together, I had some time to kill.

I ended up run/walking 4.01 miles in 1:03:02, a big improvement, pace-wise, over last Saturday (by about 45 seconds), eventhough I walked and talked some extra.

I ran in a new running (and wicking) shirt from Lands End, by the way, and I loved how it felt! Cool blue color, too!)

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