Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday at the Gym

1) Did 1.56 miles (20:05 min) on the elliptical, a nice change of pace from the bike
2) About 10 minutes of stretching and strength for IT bands, hips, and glutes
3) Walked 1.17 miles (20:03 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 1 mile (12:13 min) on the treadmill

I had my annual deal with the gynecologist yesterday, and mentioned the knees crackling to him. He said he thought it was probably just from the extra stretching and strength stuff I've been doing to help with the ITBS. Hmmm. He's a runner too, and said he's had ITBS many times, so he may be right. (He didn't feel my knees, or anything. Not his specialty!) The thing I don't get is that these exercises are supposed to be HELPING, not producing extra symptoms! ;) My next PT appointment is next Tuesday.

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