Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Speedy Tuesday

I was assigned some speedwork on the treadmill today, and it was challenging, but satisfying at the end! I was to walk 1 mile to warm up, 1/2 mile at 100%, followed by a 3-minute rest, then another 1/2 mile at 100%, then a 1/2 mile walking cooldown. My final numbers were:

Walked 1.02 mi in 21:05 min

Ran 0.50 mi in 5:48 min
Ran 0.50 mi in 5:34 min
Walked 0.65 mi in 12:07 min

It's a little bit hard for me to guage 100%, oddly enough. I wonder if I could've pushed myself a little harder. And on any given day, 100% could be a little bit different, depending on the circumstances. At least I have numbers now, something to compare to down the road.


Michelle said...

Hey Lesley I got out to the American Tobacco Trail late Saturday so I miss you guys.

Talk to you soon,


Lesley said...

Sorry we missed you, Michelle! You would have enjoyed meeting Janet's sister, Jeanette, who joined us. Hope to see you soon!

Christina said...

Good job with the speed work.


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