Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today's Long Run on the American Tobacco Trail (Durham)

I had a delightful run/walk this morning on the American Tobacco Trail with Jeanette and Janet! What a nice way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!

My assignment was to run/walk 4 miles, with two 1-mile running segments, and two .5-mile running segments, with short walk breaks in between. It challenged my endurance, but wasn't out of reach. Having Janet and Jeanette there to chat with helped me keep my pace in check, slow enough to be able to carry on a conversation. It was a beautiful morning out, and once I warmed up, it felt really good!

We ended up going 4.03 miles in 1:08:39, a 17:01 average pace for me, the fastest average pace I've had on an outside training run in, uh, forever! (When I did a 4-miler on the same course last month, my average pace was 18:22!!) My mile splits today were:

1) 17:57
2) 17:18
3) 16:33
4) 16:13

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