Friday, March 12, 2010

Today--Rest Day, Tomorrow--Run for the Oaks 5K!

Today's my weekly rest day (by order of my orthopaedist and scheduled by my running coach)! It feels wierd, but I enjoyed staying in bed a little longer this morning!

I have another 5K tomorrow, the Run for the Oaks 5K.I'm really looking forward to it! For one, there's a corporate team challenge component to it, so I'll be joined by a couple of colleagues from Duke! I tried to organize a team last year, but one of the three of us didn't show up at the last minute, so we didn't have enough to form an official team. So far, the team thing looks like a go for tomorrow morning, and I'm excited about that! Samantha and Karen will be joining me, and it's going to be Karen's first 5K--yay!

I'll write up a race report this weekend and let you know how we did.


Dan Isaacs said...

Hi Leslie, I'm all set to run for the Oaks tomorrow, too. Good luck, should be a beautiful day. A little wet from the rain over night, but nice and warm.

Lesley said...

Hi Dan, we've had some pretty chilly race conditions so far this year, so I'm looking forward to a warmer race morning tomorrow! (Did I just say that?!)

Michelle said...

Good Luck Lesley on your race. Let me know how you did.


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