Saturday, March 27, 2010

4-Miler on the American Tobacco Trail

I had a really nice run/walk this morning on the American Tobacco Trail section in Durham! It was a clear, cold March morning, but spring was in the air and on the ground (in the shape of a bunny rabbit hopping across our path!). I met fellow runner/walker buddies Wendy and Michelle, and we started out together. I was in the presence of a couple of speedy ladies, so I soon set my own pace behind them. Part of my workout today included two running segments of 1 mile each, and two more segments of 1/2 mile each, with some walking in between. I ended up finishing 4 miles in 1:07:07, a 16:46 average pace. I'm pretty pleased with this, since it's the first sub-17 average training pace I've had outdoors in several months!

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Christina said...

Tentatively, I'm in the Carolina's July 12th -16th (and maybe the weekend too) and would love to meet up with you if it works out. July is a long way off and the schedule may change but hopefully it will work out to meet.


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