Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today's Mixed-Up Galloway Long Run

I returned to Raleigh for the Galloway training run this morning, with a very hilly 8+ mile course on the schedule. I started out with the 14/15 minute pace group, which decided to walk without my realizing it for a while! That felt a little off. Soon after, George told me he was going to catch up with the 13 minute pace group because he wanted to run some. He went ahead, and at the restroom break at Crabtree Mall, I decided to join him in the 13 minute pace group and see how it went. I enjoyed doing the 1:1 run/walk ratio for a while, but started fading and ended up way at the back of the group. George stayed with me pretty much, and eventually we decided we were far enough in the back of the 13 group, that we would wait for the 14/15 min group.

So, we started walking with the 14/15 group again, but eventually we were at the back of the 14/15 minute group, after pushing ourselves in the 13 min group for a while! So, now I'm feeling a little discouraged about being in the back of two DIFFERENT pace groups today, instead of being in the middle of just one pace group that chose to walk today. I hope that later, I'll feel okay about having tried the 13 min pace group, eventhough it didn't work out today.

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teacherwoman said...

I am sure that can be frustrating. Maybe it's just an off day and next time will go better?!


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