Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Running Today, Looking for Shoe Advice

The plantar fasciitis in my left foot is acting up this morning, so I decided to stay off the treadmill and roads and just ride the recumbent bike in the hotel's workout room. I ended up going 40 minutes, and the "dashboard" on the bike said I went 8.66 miles. That seems like more than the effort I put into it! Perhaps it's calibrated differently from the recumbent bike I use at the gym near home.

I realized when I was packing up for our trip that my newer running shoes are more worn that my previous shoes on the outside of each heel. I'm trying to decide whether to run in one or the other pair for the half marathon, or to buy a new pair Saturday morning to run in on Sunday. The past couple of days, I've worked out in the older, less worn shoes, then walked around (touristy things) in my newer, but more worn shoes. I'm not sure if this is playing into my pf acting up or not. Possibility. Any advice?

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