Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Shoes

Yesterday afternoon, I got a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines at Raleigh Running Outfitters. While the sales person had me try on a couple other brands, I ended up going with my third pair of Brooks Adrenalines. I used them this morning for the first time, and it felt good to be in a pair of new shoes.

I started with 30 minutes (5.26 miles) on the recumbent bike, then 1.76 miles (23 minutes) on the treadmill. When I first started running, my right thigh hurt a little, but the pain stopped within a few seconds.

While I was on the recumbent bike, the person riding next to me was munching on a pack on Lance Toastchee crackers, the orange ones with peanut butter in the middle. That ranks as the most unusual thing I've seen someone eat/drink at a gym. Before that, the most unusual thing I saw someone eating or drinking at the gym was a Diet Coke.
Last night, I flipped through a running book on my shelves, and found a paragraph about race recovery, which talked about training and racing recovery times. The writer recommended taking a day for every mile to return to training mileage and intensity, and to double that number before racing again. So, given my race last Sunday was 13.1 miles, the fact that I'm still not back to normal training after a week sounds okay, if not normal, especially considering it was my first half marathon. Now, according to the formula for racing again, I should wait 26 days before competing in another race. Okay, so I only waited 6 days before racing again. No wonder I was slower than normal, and didn't have much kick at the end. I'm still glad I ran, but now I feel better that I'm not back to normal yet. I know that "normal" is different for different people, too.

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teacherwoman said...

That is interesting what you shared about recovery after races. I will have to keep that in mind!

BTW, the weird thing you saw this morning at the gym is quite odd. But, like you have, I saw a guy drinking a diet coke after his workout one day at the gym. And believe you me, he didn't do much more than 30 minutes of cardio, so I do see what benefits he is getting from the soda. LOL.


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