Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking Back

Yesterday afternoon, while George played a new board game with his cousin and brother, I stayed home to relax, and ended up on the laptop, inputting my exercise minutes from earlier months into, to make sure my point total was up-to-date. SparkPeople isn't even my favorite exercise/weight tracker, but you'd think it was yesterday afternoon! It has its pluses and minuses, for sure. But yesterday, it was all about my points total being correct. Of course, the points are worth nothing except a virtual trophy badge (which gets flashier, the more points you earn for various things, one of which is exercise) on one's start page. I just had to do it!

What started out as a silly motivation turned out to be an interesting look back at my exercise and weight. I was reminded in black and white that when I've exercised the most over the past year, the weight has come off more easily. I could even tell that when I did more running, the weight was easier to keep under control. Of course, I ran so much I got injured, and that did a number on things, but forced me to crosstrain.

So, I made it to the gym this morning, and made sure I had enough time to get a full 60 minutes in. I did 20 minutes (3.75 miles) on the recumbent bike first, then 40 minutes (3.27 miles) on the treadmill. Good workout this morning!

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