Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here's to Running!

I was just looking at my Flickr pictures, and noticed the difference in these two shots. Interesting contrast in a lot of ways.

The top picture was taken April 8, 2006, before the first 5K I did in this running life. I came in last place in the recreational division of the Cary Road Race 5K, in a little under an hour. They pulled the time clock down right behind me. (As it happens, this was about four months before I checked into the Rice Diet Program.)

The bottom picture was taken this past Sunday, November 2, on the course of the City of Oaks Half Marathon.


Pokey said...

HUGE CONGRATS on your first HM!!! That is awesome!!!

And your pics are amazing...what a difference a couple years of running can make ;) Keep it up!!!

Queen Sarah said...

Awesome ~ dramatic difference between the photos! You are an athlete now, and it shows in that photo.

I sometimes don't even look at the photos they try to sell you from races, but recently I happened to look at some. My daughter had joined me to walk/run the end of a marathon with me, as she does sometimes, and she was in some of the photos, so I bought one to give her for Christmas. While I was at it, I bought one of myself, because I was proud of how I looked. That is unusual. But what a cool thing! Keep up the running! We rock!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! You look like a completely different person in the second picture! All that hard work! AWESOME!


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