Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lighter Workout

My legs are a bit sore today after yesterday's long workout, plus a visiting to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences (fascinating, but a couple of hours on my feet!). So, I took it a little easy in the gym this morning. I started with 31 minutes (2.56 miles) on the treadmill, then walked to cool down for 12 minutes (0.71 miles). After that, I rode the recumbent bike for 10 minutes (2.04 miles).

I noticed last night that registration for the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon on March 28 is open! Woohoo! I think I'll be signing up for that one soon!


teacherwoman said...

Yay! A Half Marathon! :)

SuperDave said...

Hey Leslie!
It's rather fun checking the logs everyday on Buckeye to see if places have been swapped.
I'm amazed on how much working out that you do. You singly put in more hours than anyone I know!
Great job!
I wish I could ride the bike more often.


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