Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running Highlights of 2008

1) My mileage goal for the year was 1000 miles. I won't break that goal, but will finish with a little over 800 miles for the year. I'll shoot for 1000 miles again in 2009.

2) My highest monthly running mileage total was back in January, when I ran 114.3 miles. Looking back, this was a surprise to me, but not really, considering I had a groin strain in early February, probably from overtraining. In early March, I broke my nose (and fell on my right knee as well during that tumble), which put me out of commision for a couple of weeks. Building the mileage back up after those injuries was long and a bit tedious.

3) I signed up for the Raleigh Galloway Marathon Training Program in May, and decided mid-way to train for a half marathon instead. I finished the City of Oaks Half Marathon, my first one, on November 2 in Raleigh. I met a lot of fellow runners through the Galloway program, which was a big plus! I haven't met so many people at one short time frame since I first joined the Junior League, and college before that. I learned a lot from those runners, and appreciated their support through training and the half marathon race.

4) I ran a 5K PR in February at the Run for the Roses 5K in Raleigh. I first detected the groin strain during this race, which slowed me down afterward.

5) I logged new road race distances in the 1-mile and 4-mile. That means automatic PRs, right?!

6) I discovered several new running trails in the area, mainly with the Galloway group, but some on my own. I enjoyed outdoor training runs this year with the Garmin Forerunner I got for Christmas from my sister last year.

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