Tuesday, December 09, 2008

President's Challenge Goal

A couple of years ago, I started logging my exercise minutes on the President's Challenge website, just for kicks. I read the different "tracks," and decided to try for the "President's Champions" levels. It's on the honor system, and you just log the activities you've done, and it awards you points. When different levels are accomplished, you can order stuff-medal, certificate, stuff like that. Well, I zoomed through the bronze and silver categories pretty quickly. The gold level took a bit longer, but as I got near the end, I was a little dissapointed that this particular challenge would be coming to a close, eventhough it was virtual, and I was on my own with it. Well, when I logged the workouts that would end my "quest for gold" in March of last year, a new "Platinum" level popped up on my screen! I was glad to see that this challenge would continue, but I could tell it would take me a while to finish!

Well, I've continued to workout nearly every day since then, and would you believe I'm STILL on that Platinum level! It's been a year and nine months, and I'm still on the same level! I just did some math on the points I have left, and based on my daily points average, it'll take me another 337 days and change to finish this program off. Whew! Of course, no one's making me do this, and I'm logging my workouts for time and mileage elsewhere too, but it has been interesting to see how this has unfolded. Maybe I'll try to add some additional exercise in so I can get done a little sooner. In these busy times, I'll be glad to streamline my post-exercise routine and have one less place to record my my gym and/or running time.

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