Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Recumbent Bike Ride

My legs are sore from yesterday's long run on the treadmill, so I got on the recumbent bike at the gym this morning, and did 7.01 miles in 40 minutes. Late on Sunday afternoon now, my legs are still pretty sore!

One of my projects this weekend has been entering my miles from earlier this year into my online training log on BuckeyeOutdoors, so that I can let the website do the math and create stats and reports for me. It's been an interesting reminder of all the miles I did at the beginning of the year (I'm transferring early February's runs now.) Not only did I run farther 8-9 months ago, but I was going faster too! *sigh*

It's reminded me of two things: 1) that I got injured in mid-February, due to the distance and speed I was putting in; and 2) I weigh a few more pounds than I did then.

I need to remember not to overdo it as I increase my workouts. I also need to continue to watch my calories and refocus my weight loss efforts.

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teacherwoman said...

Great post! I need to organize all my stats into one place. I have them all over the place and it drives me crazy!


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