Thursday, September 04, 2008

Long Run Early

Since George and I are taking a couple of days off, and Tropical Storm Hannah may drop some rain on us Saturday morning, I decided to get my long run out of the way this morning. I got a late start, though, as I slept in a little. (I had a Junior League meeting last night, and a glass of wine at the post-meeting party at the Franklin Hotel. The meeting and party were fun, but the glass of wine wasn't the best decision for a night before a run!) By the time I started running at Shelley Lake, it was about 8:20, late for me, and already getting warm. I decided to see how far I could go, hoping to do 10 miles, given I was feeling a little blah.

The traffic between home and the lake was a little more congested than I'm used to, but the lake trails weren't as crowded was they are on Saturdays. Even still, I saw another Galloway training group member out running, so it was fun to chat with her for a couple of minutes. :)

I ended up with pesky pain (the usual plantar fasciitis in one and the mystery toe pain in the other) in my feet again today, so I took some walk breaks, but still finished an even 10 miles in 2:44:12, a 16:25 pace! I can tell I'm getting faster (and walking less), and that's encouraging. I need to build some more distance in soon, to make sure I nail the half marathon distance.


teacherwoman said...

you have 10 miles under your belt, you will do great with the half marathon. For my first HM this past may, my longest run prior was 10 miles, and I finished just fine (with a handful of minor blisters).


Uncivil said...

Wow! Lesley
Sorry I haven't been by lately. You are really doing great with your distance!


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