Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another Short Long Run

Today's 10 miler was, well, a 4 miler in the end. I did get off the treadmill and onto the trails, this morning on the Crabtree Creek Greenway. It was a beautiful morning, the prettiest (=coolest) I can remember for a while. I tried a 1:1 run/walk ratio to see if that would help the foot pain, but no. Ahhh. I reluctantly decided to call it quits at 4 miles. Glad I got outside, but continue to be bummed by the foot.

4 miles in 1:15:01
1) 19:15
2) 18:39
3) 18:24
4) 18:42

Afterward, I went to the gym and spent 40 minutes on the elliptical machine (2.8 miles). *sigh*

Next weekend, I have a 10K race scheduled. I've emailed the race director to see if I can switch to the 5K. I am getting tired of hitting pain on every run over three miles, and am looking to put some fun back in the process. I really enjoy race days, despite my slowness, and 5Ks are (relatively) quick and (mostly) painless for me. My foot and my mental game could use a respite, I think.


Denita said...

I REALLY enjoy your blog - you are so inspiring! Sorry about the pain you are experiencing - hope it gets better!

Johann said...

That foot again! Hope you can do the 5k. It will be good for you. Take care and have a good week!

Giorgio said...

I'm sorry about the pain. Good luck on your next 5 kilometers race.
Happy running!


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