Sunday, September 19, 2010

Race Report: 2010 Magnificent Mile

This afternoon was the long awaited (for me) Magnificent Mile Race in Raleigh! It was a clear, warm late summer afternoon, and as usual, I enjoyed seeing several running friends before (as well as after) the race. I just love race days, with the comraderie and anticipation in the air. I also love this race, because they divide the race into three heats: the men's and women's competitive, and the recreational. It's amazing to watch the men's heat, because the frontrunners are so fast, and in the races I typically run, I never get to see the elites at their best. Last year's winner (who was back this year) finished the 2009 race in 4:10. On the road.

Toward the end of the men's heat, the women started lining up, and it was fun to catch up with a couple of runners, Barbara and Ruby, who were nearby. The "gun" went off, and the race started--uphill! This course goes up Hillsborough St., around the State Capitol Complex, and back down Hillsborough St., so luckily, it ends going downhill! Sweet! My goal was to beat last year's time of 13:37. It wasn't until the last stretch, when I was close enough to hear some finish times being called out, that I realized I could come in under 13:00 if I pushed! I dug deep and pushed for the finish line, stopping my Garmin just past the line at 12:58! Yes! I'm still waiting for the official results to make sure they jive with my sub-13:00 on the road.

This evening, I'm feeling suffiently "good and tired," so I feel like I left a lot on the course. I'm also glad to report that my foot was a non-issue at this short distance. I'll update with my official finish time/place when it gets posted.

UPDATE: My official time was 12:58, 180th out of 183 women, and 21/21 in my age group.


Becka said...

Awesome!! So great to get a PR on a course!

Denita said...

Congrats on the 12:58!!!

Johann said...

Well done! All the hard work and perseverance paid off in this race. Glad to hear the foot was fine.

TooeleTwins said...

You didn't just beat last year's time, you beat it, spat on it, and kicked it to the curb! Nice!

Christina said...

That's great your foot didn't bother you but I see that it is this weekend. Did I ever tell you about the book by Dr. Sarno? It's not really about backs but about the thought process. I recommend it.


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