Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back On My Own

Well, I made the hard decision to stop being coached for my running. I have mixed feelings, really, because it feels like giving up on running, but also realistic, at least for now. It also has forced me to start looking more seriously into other forms of exercise.

For instance, I looked at the Gold's Gym closest to home last evening, and was impressed by the amount of equipment, especially for strength and core training. There are also some cardio classes I could attend, plus there's a pool! The membership sales guy I talked with was surprisingly unenthusiastic, though. I told him my story--running, injuries, running, half and full marathon, wierd foot bones, and his reply when I finished, was, "Okay." I asked if he could give me a tour, and he said something like, "Okay. This is the weight equipment. Cardio machines. Pool's over there," with some walking in between. Can I look in the ladies' locker room? "It's over there to the left." I see you have a massage therapist, what are the prices? "They're in this brochure somewhere." I swear, he didn't ask me a thing about my goals, wishes, or impressions. Maybe he was on his way out the door when I walked in. He just didn't seem to be into a conversation about his gym. Business must be good.

Anyway, I have printed out the information on my employee discount and enrollment through work. I'll still probably go that route, then cancel my current gym membership if I like Gold's.

I'm continuing to exercise. I cut yesterday's speed workout short due to foot pain. Today I had to sub the elliptical for the assigned bike workout, and cut it short to get into work for a meeting. My workout life seems to be a series of short workouts lately, partly due to my body and partly due to increasing time at work. Interesting.

I'll miss working with my coach, and would love to work with her again if my orthotics work out in the winter!


Christina said...

A non-pushy sales gym guy? I didn't think they exist.

I'm sure dropping your running coach was a tough decision but you can still run if you want and you're going to keep active so all's good.

Michelle said...

Hey Lesley,

I know dropping the coach was tough. But I know you can do it.

Hopefully we can talk soon.



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