Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back to Basics

I had a 40-minute, high cadence ride on the stationary bike today, and it felt surprisingly good! I completed 7.2 miles, which turns out to be a pretty zippy pace for me, especially over 40 minutes. Afterward, I took the time to stretch, and for the second time this week, did some upper body strength training with the dumbbells at the gym. I can tell I'm getting close to needing more reps and/or higher weights. I just need to be more consistent about doing the strength training.

Meanwhile, I got permission to transfer my weekend race registration from the 10K to the accompanying 5K. I'm feeling a mix of relief and disappointment in this. Since I did the 10K on this course last year, I've been really looking forward to going for a PR, but with the foot pain I've been experiencing, I've been dreading the distance this weekend! So, when I think about doing the 5K (everything else aside), I feel relieved, and have been looking at my most recent 5K times with a hope that I can have a 5K PR for this year, at least!

I feel, in some ways, like my training is going backwards, at least in terms of distance. So, I'm looking at how I can work my attitude, as well as some crosstraining, like the upper body weight training I've done this week. Another thing I'm mulling over is taking up a martial art. I wonder if any particular martial arts are a good match with running. Anyone know?

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Johann said...

I think it’s the right decision to go for the 5k. That will help your confidence in the end. I do upper body exercises 3 times a week at home. It has done wonders for me. The main thing is to keep doing it regularly. Sorry, can’t help with the martial arts.


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