Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Week's Progress

Rather than the usual Tuesday speed workout, I had an easy assignment yesterday, since I did the Mag Mile on Sunday. I walked a mile to warm up (1.05 mi in 20 min), then ran/walked 2 miles easy (2.01 mi in 34:00). My legs told me this WAS an easy workout, but my right foot started bothering me in Mile 3. *sigh*

Today's assignment was a 50 minute bike workout; I ended up cutting it a little short due to time constraints, but I felt strong doing it. I finished 8:05 miles in 46:18, and average of 5:37 min/mile. That's pretty fast for me, especially over 45 minutes.

I'm scheduled to run again tomorrow, so I'll see how that goes. Saturday's a 10-miler. I haven't hit 10 miles this year due to my foot. Right now my plan is a walk it at a good clip and see how my foot holds up. My coach is very conservative about injuries, so we'll be talking after the walk.

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Johann said...

I admire your determination for pushing on with your training even with the foot that bothers you so much. Take it easy with that 10 miler. Good luck, may the foot stop its problems now!


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