Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks, Umstead!

I decided to get one of my mid-week runs in this morning, eventhough I'm still a little sore from the weekend. I got in the car, and decided what I need was a change of scenery from the gym and my normal running route. So, I headed to Umstead State Park! Man, what a nice change of scenery that was! It had rained in the night, so the trees and plants had that nice, post-rain-uber-green look to them. There was very little car traffic, so I had the park almost to myself. I listened to music, which as a nice change of pace from the usual podcasts too. The only out-of-the-ordinary thing was that these big, winged buggy things started coming after me after I turned around. (I think a couple of them were tag teaming me!) I tried to outrun them for a while, and thought I'd succeeded, but I learned the hard way that there was one still one me when I sat down in the car! (Yikes!)

After I got Big Buzz out of my car, I headed for the gym, and got a 2.32 mile (13 minutes) bike ride to go with my run/walk (1.94 miles, 33 minutes) in the park. Ahhh, I'm feeling better today!

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