Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Workout

1) Walked 1.1 mile (20 min) on the treadmill
2) Rode 2.65 miles (15 min) on the recumbent bike

Had a pretty easy workout today, hope it helps me to be more energetic tomorrow for my scheduled 10-mile long run with the Galloway group. My non-running workouts have been a little punier this week--though my runs have been good. I wonder if that'll make a difference.

I made it back to Yoga for Athletes on Wednesday night, and haven't been as sore as I was last week. Not sure if it's because I'm stronger and more limber, or if I didn't push myself as hard this time. We did work on some different moves, so it's hard to tell.

I started measuring and tracking my food this morning. It's a bit of a pain, but I think it'll be worth it.

UPDATE: Took a 17 minute (0.84 mile) walk break at work. I should do that more often!


teacherwoman said...

walk breaks during the workday sound wonderful. I know that an insurance company here in town gives some sort of benefits for employees that go out for walks during the day... as I saw so many out and about yesterday!

Christina said...

A good site I found for tracking your food is

Lesley said...

Christina, Sparkpeople is good! That's one of the sites I'm trying for food tracking. I've already been using it for tracking water, and since I'm there anyway, I've been plugging in exercise minutes too.

Teacherwoman, what a nice incentive for those people at work...and a nice way to advertise that that company may be a nice place to work!


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