Thursday, July 09, 2009

Can I Have a Do-Over?!

1) Ran/walked ca 0.84 mile in ca 16 minutes outside
2) Rode 3.6 miles in 20:04 minutes in the recumbent bike

Today's workout was pretty much a wash! I woke up sore in the hips and right hamstring from last night's yoga class, but I decided to run anyway. It took me a while to get out the door, as I'm still pretty tired in general. (I got to bed a little earlier last night, but still need to do better!) So, I got to the gym and was going to run/walk outside first. I realized, as I was getting out of the car, that I forgot my Garmin Forerunner! I'd also forgotten to start the brown rice (in the rice cooker) for the day's meals, so I drove back home, walked up two flights of stairs to my apartment, took care of business, and returned to the gym to start my workout. (Way late now!) My Garmin said the battery was low, but I was hoping I could coax it through the run today. About 8 minutes out, it died for good. :( So, I turned around and run/walked to the gym. Bummer.

I went inside the gym and rode the recumbent bike then. It helped lift my spirits a little, but I'm missing the run. I think my hamstring will benefit from the lighter workout today, though. Need to let it recover before I injure it!

I feel like I've been complaining a lot about my workouts, especially my run-related workouts lately. Need to think on that! (I did have an interesting conversation about running with Susan after yoga class yesterday.)

Oh wait! I forgot to mention that I went to yoga class again last night! The regular instructor for "Yoga for Athletes" was there this time, and she was so impressive! Wow. Great instructional demeanor, remembered students' names and issues, wow. Look forward to more classes with her. BUT my hips and right hamstring are sore. Gotta do something about that. Great class, though!

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