Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Long Run

After a long week with lots of work meetings plus some after-work obligations, I decided to skip the running group and run by myself today. I needed the alone time in a bad way. I decided to head for the American Tobacco Trail, my current favorite place to run. I was feeling groggy and cranky, and when I got to the trail, I still didn't feel like running. I decided to take it slow, do all the walking I needed to do, and so what I could accomplish. I ended up covering the same mile or so stretch of the trail that was closest to my car, since I didn't know how long I'd feel like going. Back and forth, back and forth. I ended up run/walking 5.21 miles in 1:30:00. It was slow going, and the groggy crankiness didn't lift until nearly the end.

Afterward, I stopped by Bull City Running, a new running store in the shopping center near the American Tobacco Trail. I bought some Gu Gels to give them some business; they were very friendly. I also returned some library books and stopped by the grocery store, THEN I went to the gym. I thought I might ride the recumbent bike, but I decided to hit the treadmill, and ended up going 3.54 miles in 40:09 minutes, a much better clip (and no walking) than the ATT run.

I ended up with 116.16 miles for the month of January, beating my previous high of 114.3 from January 2008, exactly one year ago! Woohoo!

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