Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Gym Workout

1) Run 3.02 miles (36 minutes) on the treadmill
2) Walk 0.60 miles (10 minutes)
3) Bike 1.08 miles (6:02 minutes)

The gym is getting a little more crowded with New Year's Resolutioners. It's nice seeing the fresh faces. I've been having to push myself to get to the gym this week. I think I got spoiled being able to run outside while out on vacation. Now it's just too dark in the morning before work for me to feel safe running outside. I do find that once I'm at the gym, and going on the treadmill even, it's easier to put one foot in front of the other.

I did do a little bit of free weights work on my arms before I left the gym this morning, and that was a nice change of pace.


teacherwoman said...

Ah yes, those Resolutioners. They sure know how to take over the space of us regulars! LOL. Don't worry, many of them will disappear within the next 3-5 weeks! ha!

SuperDave said...

Sry been so busy lately..
Great job on December mileage. You beat me by a few. You have much more energy than I do. That was fun though..


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