Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Workout

1) Ran 3.34 miles in 40 min. on the treadmill
2) Walked 0.35 miles in 6 min. on the treadmill
3) Biked 2.03 miles in 10 min. on the recumbent bike

The workout felt pretty good, especially considering I accidentally left my iPod at work yesterday! I found an extra pair of earbuds at home, and plugged them into the TV monitor attached to the treadmill at the gym, and watched the news instead. Perhaps the change of pace was good.

I also renewed my membership in the North Carolina Roadrunners Club, and signed up for another 5K, the Run for the Roses in Raleigh.

I've started reading a couple of books about marathoning:

1) Run Your First Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Reach the Finish Line, by Grete Waitz
2) Marathon: The Ultimate Training and Racing Guide, by Hal Higdon

I hope they'll be informative.


renae said...

Have you read "The Nonrunners Marathon Guide for Women" by Dawn Dias? It's informative in it's own way - not as scientific as maybe some of the others - but is is down right hilarious! I couldn't put it down!

Lesley said...

I HAVE read that one, and enjoyed the author's sense of humor too! I should probably read it again since I'm rethinking the marathon thing and possibly shooting for one later this year. I'm glad I have a copy at home, as I may really need to read a few pages when I start taking myself too seriously!


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