Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Run of 2009: Race Report for Resolution Run

Last night I decided to get up and run the Resolution Run in Raleigh this morning. The decision suprised me, since I was at a New Year's Eve dinner and party at the time, and it was cold outside, so I knew it would be cold this morning!

Although I didn't get to sleep until after 2 AM, I decided to go for it anyway. The morning was cold, indeed, but a nice one otherwise. Okay, it was a bit windy too! The nippy weather gave people something else to talk about though, which was nice.

Although the race was a bit hilly, it was a decent one for me. While I'm still waiting on the official results, I finished in about 38:12, just a few seconds slower than my last 5K. Considering the lack of sleep, plus the wind and the hills, I'm not disappointed, really. And I loved starting out the year with a 5K!

Afterward, I stopped at the gym. (Yes, I'm crazy!) I ran another 1.39 miles (17 minutes) on the treadmill, walked 0.30 miles (5:06 minutes), then rode the boke for 12 minutes (2.4 miles).

This afternoon, I am tired and sore, for sure! George and I met his cousin, Jacob, in Cary for lunch. Afterward, they decided to head for a local used book store. I would've loved to join them, but I decided to come on home. Time to stretch out on the couch with a book! Zzzzzz

UPDATE: Official time for the Resolution Run was 38:11. The picture above is a shot I took of myself before the race, trying out my new digital camera.


Carly said...

Happy New Year! Great Job on the race.

butcept said...

Great job! I too thought about doing that run but I just knew it would be difficult for me to get up and do it...but way to go for you to do it, even after a little bit of sleep!!!


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