Monday, January 12, 2009

Is It Monday Again?

This morning, the treadmills were full when I got to the gym, so I started with the recumbent bike, riding 6.26 miles in 30 minutes. When I finally got on the treadmill, I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes.

One new habit I've started in this new year (and in my new paper exercise journal) is writing down the time I start my daily workout. It might be interesting to note any patterns. I would like to start getting to the gym earlier, too.

Today for the first time, I logged the number of hours I slept last night in one of my online training journals ( has a space for it). That could be useful information as well.

1 comment:

SuperDave said...

I never get enough sleep and I never get up early. I blew it!


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