Tuesday, January 01, 2008


This morning I decided to run in a nearby neighborhood, Brier Creek Country Club. I drove there, as I'm still getting my bearings in that area, and I didn't want to get stuck. I didn't know at the time if I'd get my whole workout done there, or if I'd go to the gym afterward.

I parked by the tennis courts, which I figured would be a good landmark as I ran around. I started my Forerunner and hit the sidewalks, sticking to the main road mostly. (In time, I hope to explore a little more.) The weather was nice, in the mid 40s and slightly windy. The sidewalks had some slight hills. I ended up running 3.62 miles in 45 minutes, a 12:26 min/mile pace, a little faster than yesterday's outdoor pace. It's still a good bit slower than my treadmill pace, and slower than my last 5K too. I'm glad to be getting the outdoor running experience, though. It's reminded me that I need to do more of it, though during the work week that's not very feasible.

One of the neat things about my new Forerunner 205 is that when I sync it to my computer, it puts information about my run right into the computer! It does time and distance, pace, calories, even a map of the route I've run. There's other information too, stuff I haven't figured out the value of yet. Because of the high tech stuff, I have learned that I have to give the unit time to power up before I run. It takes a while for it to locate and communicate with the satellites in the area.


Uncivil said...

That is great Lesley! I couldn't even hold that pace for one mile today?
I don't think one could run anywhere near race pace on a training run?
I mean....(years ago) I found I always ran faster in a 5K race over training for the mere fact that you could always find someone to pace yourself with in a race!
I would find someone who had a comparable pace and try to stick with them, and then I would try to catch up to the next person in line and so on! Plus your adrenaline always seems to kick in on race day!!!LOL!!!!

Way to start the year off with the high mileage!!!!Keep up the good work!

Lesley said...

I know what you mean about races, Jimmy. I play the game of trying to catch up to the next person in line too. :) The adrenaline helps on race day as well!


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