Saturday, January 05, 2008

Not Much of Anything

I puttered around this morning and ended up having to go to the Rice House for check-in and breakfast before my workout due to time constraints at the RH. I packed my gym bag and anticipated getting a workout in at the other gym I go to sometimes. It has a pool, sauna, and hot tub, very nice. They also have an indoor track, and I tried running around it, using my Garmin Forerunner to keep track of distance (rather than counting laps, yuck!). It was challenging weaving in and out of the traffic on the smal track, though, and I ended up having to stop early for an unexpected pit stop. I didn't have it in me to keep going again, so I came on home, a little disappointed, and tired anyway. I got in .64 miles in 9:16, a 14:32 m/m pace. Kinda sad, huh?! But I did hit 20 miles for the week with that run, with a total of 20.1 miles.

I may try to go for another short run before my day starts, or perhaps I'll just wait until tomorrow. I feel like I could use the rest, but I don't want to give into the blahs--a bad precedent!

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Uncivil said...

Hey Lesley
The weather was so beautiful here today I was able to run 2 miles at a 14 m/m pace while pushing my doggies in their stroller:(

The cold weather run Wednesday night just knocked the wind out of my sails for Thursday & Friday.

The "rest" paid off for me today! And I bought an "El cheapo" used treadmill from a girl today for $80. I think it will get me through the cold weather while I'm getting back in shape. Hopefully I'll upgrade later!


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