Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Short Workout

This morning I did 16 minutes on the elliptical, then 5 minutes on the treadmill (. 43 miles), then 10 minutes on the treadmill for .90 miles. Still getting interrupted by pit stops (what's up with that?!), plus I'm dragging this morning. (I've had meetings the past two nights in a row, so it's taken me a while to unwind each night, and I've gotten to bed later.) The plantar fasciitis in my left foot has also been bothering me this week, probably worse from the increased mileage. I may need to pull back on my hopes of a 25 mile week this time out. Well, one of the best things I can do is get a good night's sleep tonight. Sheesh, I am missing caffeine right about now, but I'll stay away and just get some rest.


Uncivil said...

I think the tiredness might have something to do with going back to work?
I know for the 12 days I was off, it was easier to put my heart into running and exercising.
But geting back to work has me exhausted at the end of the day, even though my job isn't physical at all.
Maybe I get more fatigued from using my brain?LOL!!!

Lesley said...

You could be right about the brain fatigue. As much as I talked about looking forward to getting back into a routine after two weeks off, it has been tiring.

I was getting concerned that I might be losing my running edge, but it might just be a matter of vacation running vs. back-to-work-after-vacation running.

Thanks for the insight.


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