Monday, January 28, 2008

New Week, New Ways

This morning I ran 3.57 miles in two runs on the treadmill. My first run was for 1 mile, in 10:19 minutes. The second run lasted 2.57 miles in 25:04 minutes, for a 9:45/mile average pace! My first was bothering me in the first run, though I stopped to run to the restroom. the plantar fasciitis tends to feel better once I've warmed up, so I was able to pick up the pace for Round 2. I should keep this in mind when I go to road races.

Today's my last day of going to the Rice House for my meals! Wow! I've been on the Rice Diet for nearly 18 months, and have been getting my meals there. Last night George and I went grocery shopping together, and I finally started finetuning the kitchen, after six months of living there with George. Tonight I'll start cooking and stuff on my own, and trying to plan for the week ahead. It's exciting, but a little stressful too.

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