Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Morning Blahs

1) Rode 2.61 miles (20:01 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Walked 0.56 mile (10:01 min) on the treadmill
3) Ran 0.16 mile (2:05 min) on the treadmill

Talk about the workout blahs! Ick! I think it was a combination of things this morning. I had a hard workout yesteray, and my legs feel much more tired than usual this morning. Add to the tiredness the fact that I had my bimonthly small group meeting last night and didn't get home until nearly 10 PM, and then was up in the middle of the night with a coughing spell.

In hindsight, perhaps I could've pushed myself a little harder this morning, but I could tell I was just plain tired. And there's always tomorrow. I'm just used to being a little more consistent with my running miles and longer workouts during the week. Maybe there's something to alternating hard and easy days. What's your experience with that?

On a positive workout note, I did enjoy reading some of Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark while I rode on the recumbent bike. I've read all or part of three ofther mystery series of hers, so I decided to start at the beginning with the Sookie Stackhouse books.

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Christina said...

I find that there are days where I'm just blah. But if I'm super tired it can also be a sign that I need to take a day off. I was looking over your training and you are doing something everyday. Maybe you are just plain tired and should give yourself a full rest day. Maybe two days. My coach in my running club says every 4-6 weeks that I should build in a 25% reduction of mileage for running. That gives my muscles a chance to heal, rest and will allow me to run better overall. If you're feeling blah...listen to your body and head to the massage table instead. :)


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