Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Run (mostly) at Shelley Lake

This morning I decided I was up for a change of scenery, so I headed to Shelley Lake to do my long run. The parking lot was pretty full, and I soon learned that the Annual Huck Finn Fishing Derby was being held today. Here's a cute article about a previous year's Huck Finn Fishing Derby at Shelley Lake. Despite the extra cars, I saw several Gallowayers gathering for group runs or walks, and it was fun to catch up a little! I walked with three of them for a little while, then took off!

I wasn't sure how long I was going today, but I knew it needed to be "long." I'd added some new songs to my iPod before I left home, for extra ammunition. I ended up going 9.05 miles in 2:30:15 in the beautiful weather, and saw several other Galloway run/walkers on the trail while I was at it! I worked on walking faster during my walk breaks, and the music helped my running go a little faster too, I think, so my average pace was 40 seconds faster today than it was during my last long run 2 weeks ago. (Last weekend I had a 5K race.) I'm happy about the faster pace, especially since the pain is back under the bridge of my right toes. I think a doctor's appointment is eminent, especially with marathon training just around the corner.

After the Shelley Lake run, I ran by the public library for some books I had on hold, then stopped by the gym. I decided to run on the treadmill for a while to work on speed when tired. I was just going to do a mile, but ended up doing 2.15 miles in 25:09 minutes, a decent pace for me any day of the week! So, I ended up with 11.2 miles for today, decent mileage (but not too much?) the week before a half marathon.

I got a little sun on my face today, and wonder if any readers have suggestions for sunscreen for the face, something that won't melt and dribble into my eyes (ouch, sting!).

My running, walking, and biking mileage for this week have all surpassed last week's mileage totals! Yay!

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