Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday on the Bike

Today I rode 10 miles (56:04 min) on the recumbent bike, then walked 0.31 mile (6 min) on the treadmill. Day #2 of no running was a little easier to take than yesterday. I know the sooner I heal, the sooner I'll start running again and training for the Outer Banks Marathon (225 days and change away!).

Meanwhile, I've found some stretching exercises to do for the hip area that's sore, so I'll start doing those soon.

I emailed the race director of the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon yesterday, to see if I could switch to the 5K, and he said I could. With rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning, though, I might just pass and do some lighter stuff in the gym. Tonight, I'll do the pertinent RICE steps(RestIceCompressElevate), though I don't know that I need to compress this injury.

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