Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

I woke up tired today, and my hip's a bit sorer than I'd like, but not as bad as it was a week ago. Yesterday was a busy day, standing on my feet at church a good bit of the morning, then visiting with family for the rest of the afternoon, so that explains a lot of the weariness.

This morning, I rode the recumbent bike first, 7.4 miles in 45:04 minutes. Then I walked 0.75 mile in 15:07 minutes. I wanted to take it easy, but wanted to burn calories too. *sigh* I may need to take a total rest day soon.

Meanwhile, I lost 4/10 of a pound when I got on the scales this morning, and am pleased with that, since I had a yummy brunch at Watts Street Grocery (a local restaurant) yesterday. Since I'm not back to running yet, I'm glad I'm losing some weight in the mean time.


Coach Ken said...

Thanks for friending me on GoWagon!

Here are my thoughts on days off... If you give your body enough time to rest and recover, you'll have more strength and energy to devote to the next (better / stonger) workout. On the weight loss front; your body adapts to a consistant work load. In other words, if you run 1 mile every day, eventually, you won't loose weight from that mile. Rest days help shake things up. It seems counter-intuitave, but rest can help you with your weight loss goals! Give that hip a little recovery time. The build up to a marathon can be pretty tough! Also, if you're not doing this already, I recomend strength training. This will help prevent injury. A trainer is a little expensive, but far worth the cost!!!

Disclaimer: This is what works for me, we're all different!

All Day!

Lesley said...

Coach Ken,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the sage advice!

I'm realizing that exercise is a habit at the very least, if not an addiction. Part of taking a rest day is the fear that if I stop doing it, that I might lose the habit, or that it'll be hard to get back into it.

On the flip side, I'm sooo excited about my first marathon, and I want to get well! The sooner I heal, the sooner I can start getting my body ready for it!

Thanks again for the advice!

All Day!


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