Friday, September 04, 2009

Yesterday's Run=Rest Day Today!

Yesterday I returned to the trails of Umstead State Park, and ran a sluggish 3.03 miles in 56:02 minutes. The weather was glorious, but the run was a tough one for me. I knew it would be hilly, and wanted the hills and trail practice, but my body didn't cooperate very well. I got slower with each mile, unlike the negative splits in other recent runs. I'm still feeling fatigued from last weekend's 18-miler, eventhough I've gotten more sleep this week than I have in a while. It's kinda thrown me for a loop, really, this slow recovery from a run, eventhough it WAS a personal distance record for me. I need to work on ways to recover more quickly.

So, today is a REST day! Maybe I should've taken one of these rest days earlier in the week! Usually, I'm a little antsy on rest days from exercise (unless I'm actually sick), but today I'm happy as a clam to be leaving the running shoes under the bed. Tomorrow's soon enough.

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