Saturday, September 12, 2009

First 20-Mile Day, including the Mebane on the Move 10K

I covered 20.10 miles today in 6:14:08, an average 18:37 pace when put all together! I started with a 1.1 mile walk warmup, then my first 10K in about 25 years! It was George's first 10K ever, so it was fun to be participating in the race with him! I finished in 1:39:11 (16 min. average), and he ran in 1:23:14--yay for George! :) It was a pretty course through a fairly small town, but it did have some unexpected hills. I was the last one to finish the 10K, and ended up merging a bit at the end with the kids and their parents in the Mad Dash--it was kinda cute, really!

I enjoyed meeting one of my Facebook buddies, Skylar, before the race. We also ran into Brad, current president of the North Carolina Roadrunners Club, and he took a couple of good pictures for us, one of George and me before the race, and another of me nearing the finish line! :) To top things off, we ran into a Duke classmate of mine, Greg, who lives in Mebane now. It was fun to catch up a tad and introduce him to George.

Afterward, I drove to the American Tobacco Trail in Durham, and finished off the mileage. It started out well, but then I sagged big time. George came to join me for the final miles, and his company (plus the water and cup of ice he brought) really saved the day! :) We finished with a good bit of walking, but we really picked up the walking pace for the last 5 miles or so. It felt good to finish strong, even if it was walking. Today's overall pace for the total 20.1o miles was faster than last week's 10 miler, as well as the 18-miler from two weeks ago. Of course, pushing myself in the 10K this morning helped with the average, and I did have a bit of a rest in the car, driving from Mebane to Durham to finish the mileage, but I'll take it--especially since I've been under the weather a little bit this week.

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Christina said...

Your overall pace and the fact you did a 10K proves that your endurance has improved a lot. Great job!


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