Wednesday, September 09, 2009

More Treadmill Running

My new Garmin Forerunner hasn't arrived yet, so I headed for the gym.

1) Ran/walked 2.5 miles in 36:12 minutes on the treadmill
2) Rode 4.4 miles in 25:09 minutes on the recumbent bike

I miss running outside, but am enjoying the improvement in my average running pace. The plantar fasciitis is still bothering me some, but I'm working on it. Finally got hold of the foot stretcher thingy, which had been delivered to the apartment complex front office. I tried it last night, and am a little awkward with it right now.

1 comment:

kara said...

When I had a bout of PF (years ago) I would fill a plastic water bottle with water and freeze it - then roll it under my foot. Felt great!
PS. The foot stretcher sounds like a good preventive measure.


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