Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hooray for Long Run Progress!

I had a 10 mile run scheduled for this morning, and almost backed out, or made it shorter, but I stuck it out and am glad I did! Yay! I ended up running the 10 at Shelley Lake in Raleigh in 2:57:42, a 17:46 average pace, the best Saturday long run training pace I've had since June, and that was when I was still building up to 10 miles (but hadn't made it yet)! I even had several sub-16 min. miles this morning!

All of this on about 4.5 hours sleep, to boot! Long day yesterday, plus George and I found out late that we were going to have to join his family for Rosh Hashanah services mid-morning. So, we started running early, though not as early as we'd planned. The first mile was a little tentative because it was so dark outside, and it had been raining, so it was a little hard to tell if the dark spots on the path were just leaves, or water puddles, or perhaps slippery mud/leaves/debris.

After about three miles, we took a pit stop at McDonald's, then George took off sooner and a bit faster, and I went at my own speed, sometimes doing 1:1 run/walk, sometimes doing extra running minutes. We met at McDonald's on the way back and ran/walked the final three miles together.

My mile splits:
1) 19:32
2) 16:44
3) 17:44
4) 16:56
5) 17:32
6) 17:36
7) 16:57
8) 18:29
9) 17:50
10) 18:17

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Christina said...

I'm sure your 10 miler was a nice "break" for you since you've been getting in high mileage on the weekends. Keep up the great work!


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