Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Bike Time, Plus Garmin News

I went to the gym this morning and did an easygoing hour on the recumbent bike, covering 10.45 miles. My throat was a bit scratchy when I started, and I was hoping the exercise would scare it off, but no such luck. So, I decided to take a sick day today, and got lots of extra rest. I never did get any fever worth mentioning, but tonight, my throat still hurts, and my nose is getting stopped up. I wonder if it's sinusitis. Charming.

Meanwhile, my new Garmin Forerunner arrived today! Yippee! Just after it arrived via UPS, I decided to call the Garmin support number about my broken Garmin, curious about whether or not I'd thrown away money for the new running toy. The Garmin support guy was very patient, leading me through different things to try, and finally gave me the news that the internal battery was dead. I found out that I could send it back and get a replacement for $69! Heck of a deal! It turns out that George was thinking about getting a Garmin Forerunner, but was hesitant because of the price. Now he's paying the one they're sending back to me in a few days, so he'll have one too! Woohoo!

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Christina said...

I hope you shake off the ickies and can do your run tomorrow.


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