Sunday, September 06, 2009

Yesterday's 10-Miler

I did arond 10 miles yesterday, but it was such a Murphy' Law morning, that I'm tempted not to post about it.

George and I decided to run on our own, instead of with the Galloway group. We overslept, then George decided he needed new shoes before he ran. We went to Raleigh so he could buy new shoes. Extra late start. Then, we went on a route that George had seen part of and wanted to try. I was hesitant, since I lean toward running routes I'm very familiar with. Since I admire George's adventurous spirit, I decided I'd try his route with him. Part of the path was nice and shaded, but part was all sun (which was way up by then), and part of this route had no path at all, but was running along some major roads and state highways. Some of that grass was mowed, some hadn't been in a while. George enjoyed forging ahead on this sort of route, in a Daniel Boone sort of way. It irritated me a lot yesterday morning, perhaps more than it should have!!

To top it off, my Garmin Forerunner started acting up, and then totally died around mile #7. Before that, the plantar fasciitis in my left foot started acting up AGAIN, probably from last week's increased mileage. Grrrr! So, I was slower than usual, to boot.

To add to the frustration, when we got home, I had a UPS sticker on my door! Aarrrrghhh! I started feeling the plantar fasciitis earlier this week, so Friday I ordered a foot stretcher thing to help with the plantar fasciitis, and paid EXTRA to have it delivered Next Day (which was yesterday). Turns out that paying for the extra fast service meant I needed to sign for it at delivery, and they won't redeliver it until TUESDAY!

Okay, I DID get out and do the 10 miles to stay on my training schedule. The whole experience just left me stressed out when running is supposed to relieve stress. &^@Q$$!!*!*\^@^@*#$@


Christina said...

Last night when I checked your blog to see how your long run went I wondered if you were ok because there was no posting. Although the mishaps yesterday were no fun, I'm glad to hear that your 10 miles was completed. You're making great progress.

Skylar Masey said...

Just chalk yesterday's run up to the inevitability that when there is the potential for something to get you off course, it will...and running with a partner means something is bound to come up :0)

But you're right to be happy about your 10 miles! Even if it wasn't how you wanted, you still forged ahead and got it done. Kudos to you!

Sorry to hear about your plantar fasciitis acting up!


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