Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Light Bike Ride

This morning I rode the recumbent bike for 8.06 miles in 51:02 minutes. Not gonna light the world on fire with this workout, but it was something. I'm a little sore and tired from yesterday's treadmill run, so I'll chalk this up to a bit of a recovery workout.

Meanwhile, I checked Amazon this morning for the tracking of my plantar fasciitis toy, and it turns out UPS delivered it to the front office of my apartment complex Saturday morning after they tried delivering it to my front door. They didn't mention that on the sticker they left on my front door! The sticker said they'd try to redeliver today! I was in the process of signing the back of the UPS sticker to leave on my front door before I left for work, when I decided to check the tracking info out of curiosity. It's been a few yards from my apartment for TWO DAYS!! I could've been using it!!!! Arrrggghhhhh! *sigh*


Skylar Masey said...
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Skylar Masey said...

Lol. This sounds like the merry go round I go through whenever we have anything delivered UPS to our house. After a couple trips to Gerensboro to fetch things, we always check to see who the shipping company is when we order.


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