Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Run & Weights

Today I did a run/walk on the treadmill, 3.04 miles in 52 minutes, a 17:06/mile pace. Not stellar, but faster than Monday. Of course, today, I did more running than I did during Monday's run/walk. Getting there, very slowly but surely. I did feel my left IT band a bit during the run/walk this morning, so I iced it for a bit before work.

I also did some stretching and upper body weight training this morning. It had been a while since I'd worked the biceps and shoulders, so I'm a little sore this evening!

Yesterday I went to see a new doctor to work on my weight via diet (no surgery!), and I'm pretty encouraged by yesterday's dialogue. He's an internist who specializes in bariatrics, and so far, I like his style. I'll return next week for one of the classes he teaches about the low carb diet he puts his patients on, and I'll find out the blood results from yesterday's visit to the lab.

One of my concerns about a low carb diet is how it will affect my long runs, both in training and in racing. Of course, I still have a good bit of time (and weight to lose) before I have to worry about running long enough to need additional carbs! My long run this coming Saturday will be 3 miles, after all. I did tell the doctor about my concerns, and he recommended I look at a book called The Men's Health TNT Diet. If you've read this book, let me know what you think!


Christina said...

I did a quick google search and saw this link.

Maybe there is some information that will be helpful.

Lesley said...

Good article, Christina! Thanks a bunch! Hammer and GU are already my favorite gels, so that works.

Shannon said...

My husband lost 80lbs in 5 months eating no sugar or white carbs. I couldn't do it. It made me too tired. You will find what works for you and kudos for getting the help of a doctor.

BTW, thank you for the sweet comment on my new blog.


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