Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Elliptical Workout Plus Running Thoughts

Today's assignment was an optional 40 minutes on the elliptical machine. I decided to go for it, but part way into the workout, my legs were feeling pretty cranky. I decided to finish, but I was really glad when it was over! (Now, I'm glad I did finish, but at the time, I was "done!") I ended up with 3.01 miles in 41:01 minutes. I stretched for about 10 minutes afterward, and did 50 ab crunches.

I've been thinking more about yesterday's run, and how much I enjoyed doing it with Janet and Michelle, rather then with the winter splinter of the Galloway group. I enjoyed having company to run with, and didn't feel like the odd man out for doing shorter mileage (alone) than the 10 mile base the group is doing. It has me wondering about how I want to proceed with training for the rest of the off-season. Certainly, I'll continue to follow the coach's plan, but I'm wondering if I need to continue to drive to Raleigh for my runs. Both Michelle and Janet live in Durham, and I'm just outside the Durham city limits. Hmmmmm.

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Christina said...

I think a change with Michelle and Janet is a good idea. You may find a running group also through a running store or a running club nearby. You could also post on Craigslist and see what happens. I've seen posts on people looking for running partners. You should ask Tall Mom for ideas on where to post for running groups...she's the internet running partner queen.


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